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Hidrostal utilise the Cloud for Effort-Less Computing

15/10/14 Hidrostal replace internal IT with the EMIR-Cloud

In August 2014 Neil Langdown, the Managing Director of Hidrostal spoke to Gary about the EMIR-Cloud.  With aging servers in both the Newbury and Castleford offices a decision would soon be made to replace the equipment to ensure continuity of service.  A Cloud hosting solution promised to offer  a maintenance free hardware environment, connectivity between the separate offices of the business whilst centralising the work of over 45 users in EMIR, an alternative method of securing  data and disaster recovery and the knowledge that any future hardware component failure would not disrupt operations.

To be fair, requirements of this nature are not uncommon in any modern business.   A finance director’s role will include the analysis of hardware costs, the tax and writing down allowances for the chosen asset, costs associated with support either by an internal employee or external managed service, replacement of faulty parts and the impact of downtime, and more importantly, the overall spend to achieve a suitable uptime.  After all, what company can afford extended periods without email or EMIR if the worst was to happen, a fire, break-in or virus attack.

Annette Boulter, Hidrostal's Commercial Manager comments “With the impending cost of new servers to service our UK locations and increased IT support costs, the EMIR-Cloud was launched at the right time for us.  With promises of centralised data that is backed-up and secure, a flexible format of hosted servers that we don’t have to maintain and a pricing structure to suit both our budget and future requirements, the decision was easy and we are really happy with the performance of the EMIR-Cloud." 

The EMIR-Cloud is a complete working environment replacing your existing Email, Application and File Based servers.  Under a monthly hosting fee, Solutions In I.T. deliver a package of EMIR (users, modules and extensions to your requirements), Microsoft Office and Email services (optional).  The EMIR-Cloud is fully managed and all server maintenance, virus scanning and back-up is taken care of, so that you have more time to run your business.


You can learn more about the EMIR-Cloud on our website or why not call 0845 009 4588 for a free quotation.


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