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The Web-CALS extension is designed to allow your customers to enquire on their managed motor/pump details via use of the Internet and Internet Explorer or other browser.

Easy Asset Management
Your customers can access the system whenever they like and have controlled and secure access to their own asset information. (You must be running the Asset Management module within your EMiR software for this extension to be applicable).

 Data Availability
The Web-CALS system allows your customers to view their EMiR Asset Management data. Your customer can enquire by the location, technical details or key motor references to find out any information they need about their own motors/drives/pumps, etc:
The Technical Details and References about each asset
The current status of an asset as to whether it is active, spare or has been scrapped
The Site, Location and Sub-location of where it is used
The EX status and unlimited notes on EX related issues
Unlimited Environmental information notes
Unlimited General Notes about the item
Additional comments [transfers to EMiR jobs]
Photos of the Asset to help identification that also transfer to the job
Link and access any type of associated file [Word™, Excel™, Text, CAD, etc.]
Analyse fault information. Identify all the faults seen against the asset along with their frequency
Track if a Managed Motor/Pump is surpassed by another or is surpassing another; View all the jobs for the Managed Motor/Pump with status, price, delivery and invoicing details.

In short, a comprehensive view of all activity undertaken on the asset.

Hardware Requirements
As the information is displayed via use of a website, it is essential that your EMiR system is based on a server that is capable of hosting a website such as a Microsoft Windows Server with its IIS web hosting platform. The server also needs to have its own fixed IP address and be connected to a broadband connection so that data can be transmitted in a timely fashion over the Internet.

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