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Workshop Routing

The Workshop Routing Extension is an application that automates your workshop processes from end-to-end. By collecting data electronically Workshop Routing replaces manual procedures and streamlines data capture and allows quick, but detailed reports of the work required, in a format ready for your customer’s perusal.

Wireless Data Capture for live data recording!
Workshop Routing takes care of data collection from the receipt of the equipment through to shipping.  With over 10 defined e-Forms, Workshop Routing helps you to record every stage of the repair before the item is shipped back to the client.  Each saved e-Form is instantly available in EMiR, so that you always know the progress of every job in the workshop.

E-Forms available in the Workshop Routing Extension are:

Receiving, Routing, Inspection, Utility, Mechanical, Winding, NCR, Safety, Assembly, Part Swap, Storage, Field Service

The system is written with a simple to use interface that needs little in the way of training and in a language that your engineers will instantly understand.  They can take photographs of a nameplate and the condition of the motor, use the text fields on the tablet to enter supplementary information or simply use the Voice-to-text feature to capture job descriptions, eliminating the need for printed job documentation.


Once a job has been routed to an engineer’s tablet, it is a simple process to complete the e-Form:

  • Fields can be marked as required or optional which means that vital information is always collected at source.
  • Much of the information presented to the engineer is in a dropdown menu, reducing the options that available, making it easier to navigate and complete the recording.
  • The e-Form has built in checks to ensure that the correct information is being collected against the right job, especially important when an engineer or section is working on multiple parts of the process.
  • Traceability of the process is assured with on screen sign off.


A Platform of Pedigree!
The Workshop Routing Extension has been developed over the last three years and is currently used in the U.S. Now with its adoption into the EMiR family, Workshop Routing is seamlessly integrated with EMiR’s job management processes offering real-time visual management over the workshop process.   With the use of the power apps platform, engineers can take their chosen device around the workshop and collate information as the work is undertaken.

Quality, Conformity and Visual Management
All shop processes are automated, including testing and auditing.  With all of this traceable information that can be made available to your management teams or customer you cannot fail to impress the amount of control you have over your business.

  • Review all jobs across departments
  • View on PC, mobile devices, and TVs
  • Lean management for vertical integration of knowledge sharing

You’ll benefit from an automated stream of customer-facing and internal reports and a metric-driven dashboard to allow intelligent business decisions to be made from live, accurate data. 

The system gives you complete clarity over the jobs that are being processed in the system.   Each time an e-Form is completed the resulting completion is shown in Visual Management, a dashboard relaying the live situation of each job to the company.

The dashboard delivered using HTML can be displayed on a TV monitor, large screen or the Android tablet devices is a constant reminder of progress in the workshop.  Basic information is shown in each of the live tiles and the priority of work is colour coded, so that you quickly assess progress.  If at any time you require more detail, simply click on a tile to display the detail of the job in progress for all the answers you need!

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