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Exclusive Sales Training Day!

4/03/14. Book up to 3 places on the exclusive training day delivered by Solutions in I.T.!

Customer Relationship Management system is a valuable tool for all of those companies wishing to improve the communication they have with their prospects and customers. It delivers efficiencies by centralising all marketing and sales functions, so that you never miss another opportunity to promote your business, product or service and your data is all held in one place!

In April 2014, our EMiR customers will benefit from the release of version 3 of EMiR CRM.  Some of the extra benefits CRM v3 users can expect to see:

  • Brand new sections to help with prospect marketing, including telesales and related follow-up activity.
  • Additional information fields and search facilities – you’ll be able to store and view vital information from the enhanced data within customer and contact records and associated searches.
  • There are new “activity lists” now available to help identify all follow up activities, call-backs and importantly today’s actions, keeping you on track and ensuring you don’t miss an opportunity.
  • We’ll make it easy for you to import and export information into Microsoft Excel, making light work of centralising your existing data, and facilitating mail merges and email marketing messages.
  • Put simply, the more information CRM holds, the more your CRM can give you in return and this version of our CRM is enhanced in all sections, giving you our best value CRM so far!

Making the most of your Investment – Exclusive sales training for your team with or without our CRM!

We appreciate that time is not always available to implement new strategies, however important or vital to success. To this end, we are providing a professional selling course, designed and run by sales trainer, Steve Ashman, which not only utilises the features of EMiR CRM, but is aimed at developing more business for you regardless of the CRM system you use. This training day, running at the Harborough Innovation Centre on Weds the 14th of May is open to a limited number of users from either a sales or marketing background, strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.

This day features a high quality, professional sales training programme covering the topics of identifying your target market, understanding your sales opportunity, creating a marketing plan and how to measure and sustain activity to close more business. This is far more than using EMiR CRM and is equally relevant to all sales professionals whether they use EMiR CRM or not!

Just a few of the areas covered include:

Do you understand the rules on TPS – Did you know you just can’t phone anybody?

Ever wondered what the most effective way of purchasing company data is?

As a sales manager, how do you make your team successful?

What is the most effective way of making a call to a prospect for the first time?

Can you qualify each opportunity to accurately predict turnover?

Attendance on this fantastic sales training course will normally cost £199 per person for the day, but we have a special offer for you…

Sales Training Offer for new EMiR CRM Customers

If you currently aren’t a CRM user and pre-order the new EMiR CRM version 3 by 31st March 2014, we will allow you up-to 3 places on this essential sales training course for just £99 per person. This will ensure that your staff will know how to use CRM, but more importantly, we will improve your sales team performance in one day! 

Sales Training Offer for existing EMiR CRM customers on Maintenance contracts

If you are a current CRM user and have an EMiR Maintenance contract, you will automatically be upgraded to version 3 of the CRM system, but we also want you to get the most out of your investment.  Our sales training day will be perfect to give your team a new look at how you improve technique and use CRM to bring you more sales. So, you can also send up-to 3 of your sales team on this exclusive training day for just £99 per person.

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