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The DECiR Process

DECiR is our five step proven process for successfully getting EMiR up and running in your business!


The first step of DECiR is Discovery. In this stage you'll learn a bit about what EMiR can do and how it can fit in specifically with your electro-mechanical business.

EMiR Solution Presentation

Next, you'll be presented with the EMiR Solution in more detail in either an online demo or we'll visit you! You'll be able to see exactly how EMiR works and all the functionality that you could use in your day-to-day work.

Competitive Bidding

Once you've seen EMiR, we'll provide you with a detailed quote (with highly competitive pricing!) so that you can understand every aspect of the project and what you're investing into.


After you've placed your order, we'll start off the project with a consultation day with one of our EMiR Software trainers. You'll then have training days for you and your team to learn how to best use EMiR, and we'll be with you for the 'Go Live' of the system!


After your system's up and running, we'll still be here for any expert support you might require. Plus, we offer continued training and regular site visits to make sure everything is running smoothly and you're getting the most out of EMiR.

Remember, we promise to only sell you EMiR if it will work for your business!

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