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Solutions in I.T. are here to help advise you and provide the best I.T. solution for your business. We usually only provide these services to our existing EMIR customers. View our services to see how we can help your business.

  • EMIR Support

    EMIR Support

    Your EMIR system will come with helpdesk and technical support free for 60 days and then via a recurring annual contract, to ensure you have help available if you need it and that your system is kept in fully working order.

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  • EMIR Maintenance

    EMIR Maintenance

    EMIR Maintenance contracts come in 3 flavours: Bronze, Silver and Gold. They all provide excellent value for money and ensure you are able to add any of the newly developed features for EMIR to your system for a flat fee - so you never need to go through a formal 'upgrade' process again. Simply put, your system is always up-to-date with the best functionality EMIR has to offer!

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  • Remote Backup and Data Storage

    Remote Backup and Data Storage

    Remote Backup and Data Storage is a vital component of any IT system and we thoroughly recommend you use our EMIR Backup solution to keep all your data [not just EMIR data] safe and secure with minimal effort on your part!

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  • Project Management and Consultancy

    Project Management and Consultancy

    Every EMIR installation has a project management plan and we can extend this to include any IT projects you wish to undertake.

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  • Networking


    EMIR is a multi-user piece of software that is designed to run across your business, so if you need help to ensure that your IT infrastructure performs well, then please get in touch.

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  • Dell and other Hardware

    Dell and other Hardware

    We are Dell Registered Partners and as such can provide you with discounted Dell PC's, Printers and Server hardware.

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  • 3rd Party Software

    3rd Party Software

    Whilst EMIR continues to grow and help run more areas of your business, we know you need more than EMIR alone to run your business successfully.

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