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On-site Training

Initial training on EMiR is provided on-site with the sale of our Professional systems. Additional on-site training can be designed and provided based on your needs and your staff requirements.

On-site training programs can be designed to suit your needs. Whether that is an introduction to EMiR for new starters or advanced training on a particular EMiR Module or Extension.

Training days are provided between 10am and 4pm and usually divided into 5 x 1 hour sessions.

Training is usually carried out on a demo ‘test’ EMiR system which is a copy of the live solution so that users can subsequently play with the test system without the fear of creating incorrect data.

Training is presented in an overview manner, with the instructor showing users how tasks are performed and there can also be the opportunity for staff to try things ‘hands-on’ for themselves.

In terms of training room requirements, you will need a room large enough for all the trainees plus a projector [which we can provide] and a projector screen so that EMiR can be shown in large form onto a suitable surface.

On-site training is used to enhance the ’Common Tasks Guide’ and ‘Video Help Files’ that are given with each EMiR installation.

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