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Kirkby Lindsey Ltd.

Kirkby Lindsey, based in Hull, provide repair and site services on all types of electric motors, gearboxes, fans and pumps. They have been using EMiR Standard with 4 user licenses for over 15 years!

About Kirkby Lindsey

As well as offering repair and site services, Kirkby Lindsey are distributors, stockists and authorised repair agents of Brook Compton. They specialise in EX repairs and hold a Baseefa repair license. Since purchasing EMiR Standard back in 2002, they have made use of the Quoting, Stock and Purchasing modules, and upgraded to the ‘Pluggable Technology’ version.

"Making changes can unsettle staff, but within three months of initiating EMiR the benefits were so apparent. Those who were not particularly computer literate soon gained confidence and actually enjoyed using the system! The particular benefits have been keeping track of jobs coming into the workshops. If a member of staff is absent another can easily take over and know immediately how far the job has progressed. Monitoring how the costs on a job are building, orders outstanding, jobs brought into the shop and not dealt with, and prompt information retrieval - especially histories.”

Jackie Kirkby, Director

Kirkby Lindsey are a great example of how a company can develop with EMiR and quickly progress to real day-to-day time savings, as well as improving business management and providing better customer service – all with the help of EMiR!

Modules and Extensions Purchased

What Kirkby Lindsey Have to Say About EMiR

“The beauty of the EMiR system is that, unlike many other systems, it is actually written for the motor repair and sales industry. We looked at numerous other programmes and found them all lacking to some degree, but the EMiR system was almost identical to the paper system we used to operate. Within months of starting with EMiR the benefits became obvious and the longer you use it the more those benefits become apparent, from prompt handling of enquiries to stock control - I couldn’t imagine now working without it. A typical example is of the customer who wants a repeat of a previous order – he is not sure when we supplied it or the exact power of the motor but with the various search facilities e.g. by power, speed, voltage, frame size etc it is often possible to give him a budget price while he is on the phone – something that could have taken hours searching through paper records. As we have grown more confident with EMiR, we have taken advantage of the various up-grades and have also had some bespoke adaptations to suit our requirements - something that Gary and the team have been more than happy to do. I would recommend EMiR to anyone in the motor sales and repair trade.”

Barry Palmer, Sales Manager

We’d like to thank Jackie, Barry all the staff at Kirkby Lindsey their kind words and considerable help with this case study. We wish them every success with their EMiR Standard system.

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