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On-line Training

On-line training is available via our eMiR-Learning platform which has a variety of courses available and each has an associated test to achieve certified EMiR qualifications. We can also provide custom one-to-one on-line training, dealing with specific requirements.

On-line training is a cost-effective way to learn all about EMiR.
In 2021, we launched our eMiR-Learning platform which allows users to attend various courses on many aspects of EMiR where users can watch videos and learn at their own pace and become certified EMiR users by passing course-specific examinations.
This is ideal for both new starters to learn all about EMiR and for existing staff to brush up their knowledge and learn about the latest features in EMiR for their job roles.
Since its launch eMiR-Learning now has over 200 registerd users and we have issued over 300 certificates. As well as winning an Award from the AEMT for our contribution to skills and training.
Our user base have provided some great feed back too! Fady Attalah, Sales and Marketing Manager at Cabel said;
“Having access to the eMiR-Learning platform from day one of me joining Cabel, provided me with an invaluable insight into how Cabel works internally and how the different departments all integrate with each other. Going through the online training courses on the eMiR-Learning platform, provided an in depth understanding of the software functionality, and the practical examples shown during the courses demonstrate how well built and thought of the EMiR software is for our industry.
As Sales & Marketing Manager for Cabel I found the CRM training the most useful and it helped me to form a clear picture of what I was able to achieve through EMiR for our future sales and marketing activities. 
I would recommend this platform for any new starter that has EMiR Software installed.”

Yearly Subscriptions & Pay-As-You-Go!

We've added, along with the great value of yearly subscriptions, the option to use a pay-as-you-go option for those customers that want to on-board new staff or train individuals as the need arises.
Our pay-as-you-go option gives you the ability of paying per cpourse per person, or paying for the whole bunde of 12 courses for one person. Yearly subscriptions vary depending on how many users you require. 
For more info, see https://www.solutionsinit.com/lms or take a look at this short video which gives you a feel for what to expect - https://vimeo.com/840040848

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