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Remote Backup and Data Storage

Remote Backup and Data Storage is a vital component of any IT system and we thoroughly recommend you use our EMiR Backup solution to keep all your data [not just EMiR data] safe and secure with minimal effort on your part!

Due to our large server farm, the cost of cloud storage continues to fall allowing you the ideal opportunity to increase the level of protection for your business.

Cloud back up has always been an ideal facility to copy your company’s latest files and processed history into a secure data centre in the event that a problem may occur, such as fire, theft, flood or server & hardware failure.  Now that encryption-based Ransomware and virus attacks are on the increase, it has become an essential stage of processing, as the back-up is often the only way back from attacks of this nature.

Now, with more storage for the same money the possibility of storing more on the cloud server is an attractive proposition.  As well as files and history, an image of the entire server, its operating system and installed applications can be taken and stored.

Why would you want to do this?

Taking a complete image means that you are storing everything the server needs to run, in the order that it needs to be loaded ready for immediate use.  In fact, in the event of a server or one of its components failing, your system could be run in the cloud temporarily while parts are installed.  The image copied back to the server means that no time is lost loading applications, drivers, EMiR, Office applications and all the settings that have taken years to refine.  In real terms, this could mean days of time saved, no back log of work to be entered and happier customers being serviced by well-informed engineers.

EMiR-Cloud Back-Up is now used by a majority of our customers and all are personally monitored by our team to ensure that your important information is taken every day and we will inform you if there are any problems with any day’s back up.  Of course, when you need your back up, you will have peace of mind to know that it is safe, and we will organise and control the restore of data for you.

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