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We are fortunate to have many customers who appreciate our products and services! Below are comments from some of our satisfied customers.

  • Nick Godfrey, Compressor Systems

    Nick Godfrey, Compressor Systems

    “At Compressor Systems, we perform many services every month on our Customer’s machines. By using Smart Site v6, in conjunction with EMiR, we have found a way to schedule and record all service details, via smart phone, and eliminate paper from the whole process. This means we are able to capture all details electronically and quickly produce detailed invoices and reports for the work we have done.”

  • David Moore, GES Group

    David Moore, GES Group

    "Having navigated many of the recent challenges created by Covid and Brexit, we are pleased that trading results remain positive, post pandemic, having also adapted to the post EU trading procedures. Considering the scale of those challenges, not only have we remained resilient in such times but made the most of the opportunities to adjust and realign our business for a companywide software transformation. 2023 will place growth and development at the forefront of our future vision. The organisation is passionate and have set a clear objective to catalyse innovation in the supply of low carbon solutions, reducing costs and bringing new solutions to the market. Hence, we have specifically researched and selected a software platform of choice. This new software innovation ensures unlimited capacity in the number of users, additional features that compliment structuring our departments and subsequent reporting with multi-location capability built-in. Enduring security and compliance, with full visibility of every (and any) device across our organisation, will enhance our integrity initiative. There is no question that EMiR Professional will progress our vision and provide a platform for compliance and governance. This advance will drive our continuation for the development of industry leading clean technologies, for future economical and sustainable success. Although we are only entering the migration and transformational process at present, we have fully embraced what will have a truly significant impact on our organisational performance, both now and for the future." David Moore, Chief Executive, GES Group

  • Westin Drives, Mr Steven Ormondroyd

    Westin Drives, Mr Steven Ormondroyd

    "EMiR software is key to our daily function & has been greatly beneficial for us in the 18 years we've been using it Here's to the next 18 years!" Steven Ormondroyd, Workshop Manager, Westin Dtrives.

  • Hayley 247, Mr Mark Brady

    Hayley 247, Mr Mark Brady

    "We chose EMiR due to its industry recognition and position as a leading solution for mechanical engineering. EMiR has enabled us to easily manage different aspects of the business helping us to grow!"

  • Pole Star Products, Mr Mike Cook

    Pole Star Products, Mr Mike Cook

    "As a major importer and stockist of electric motors and fans we adopted the EMIR software to improve the workflow and processes within the business. Working closely with the EMIR team we now have a package that enables us to monitor and record stock right through to sales and distribution easing the sales processes."

  • Thomas Jeremiah, Cabel UK

    Thomas Jeremiah, Cabel UK

    “As a new starter with Cabel UK it was imperative that I familiarise myself with the EMiR Software platform as it is used extensively throughout the company. So far, I have completed and received EMiR certificates for five modules. I found the course content to be thorough and highly relevant to the electrical and mechanical industry. The online tutorials are easy to follow and offer straight forward advice when completing the tests. I would recommend any EMiR user to proceed with taking these courses as I now have a far deeper understanding of the software.” Thomas Jeremiah – Commercial & Business Development Manager- Cabel UK

  • Mawdsleys, Mr Peter Woodward

    Mawdsleys, Mr Peter Woodward

    "With EMiR in place all of our processes and documentation are taken care of, one less thing I need to think about. With all of this information to hand I can spend more time on what's important, the customer."

  • Alpha Electrics, Mr Hem Patel

    Alpha Electrics, Mr Hem Patel

    "Hands down, Task Centre is like having an extra person in the office!"

  • Technical Control Systems, Mr David Jessup

    Technical Control Systems, Mr David Jessup

    "We have been very successful at providing high quality products into the marketplace, but our process used to involve a lot of administration and rely on the quality of our staff. Now with EMiR, the whole process is more streamlined and consistent and takes less effort all round."

  • Torishima FZCO Dubai, Mr Robert Hancock

    Torishima FZCO Dubai, Mr Robert Hancock

    "Our service and assembly offerings have grown considerably over the last 10 years. We have relied on EMiR to be the data backbone of our job management to help control our service and assembly processes and providing detailed management of our stock, purchasing and reporting functions."

  • Durr Technik UK, Mr Mark White-Sharman

    Durr Technik UK, Mr Mark White-Sharman

    "We have been very successful at assembling and providing quality products for our customers, but our process used to involve a lot of administration, many separate systems and duplication of effort. Now with EMiR, the process is managed within one solution and we have better data to run the business on."

  • EMR Silverthorn, Mr David Ringrose

    EMR Silverthorn, Mr David Ringrose

    "As the engineering manager, I like the fact that we have over 15 years of history invested in EMiR, everything we need to answer questions when the customer calls. This alone is the biggest time saver."

  • Cabel UK, Mrs Delphine Jourdain-Bell

    Cabel UK, Mrs Delphine Jourdain-Bell

    “As compressor, generator, and electric motor servicing specialists, we are delighted to have found a system that is designed for our electro-mechanical business. EMiR has helped us to streamline our workflow and get a reliable overview of all of our business activity - including custom designed dashboards! I would recommend the system to anyone working in the electro-mechanical industry.”

  • Wilson Electric (Battersea) Ltd. Mr Graham Brooker

    Wilson Electric (Battersea) Ltd. Mr Graham Brooker

    “We are delighted to have found a system that is so well suited to our business and at such a reasonable cost. We would have no hesitation in recommending EMiR and Solutions in I.T. to anyone considering purchasing such a system.”

  • Selwood Pumps, Ruth Lewis

    Selwood Pumps, Ruth Lewis

    “We’re new to EMiR, just started the installation and setup, so we’re going through the training and everything ready for our employees to use it. It’s a very exciting time to move onto a new system and get the ball rolling. I’ve found the system really easy to use so far. To start with it seemed a bit daunting, there were a lot more buttons than we had in our old system, which was a very old system! But EMiR seems awfully easy to use and there’s so much that it can do for us that I’m really excited to see how it we can adapt all the extra things that it can do to suit our business. Solutions in I.T. have been absolutely brilliant to deal with. They’ve always been on the end of the phone if we need them.”

  • GEM Integrated Solutions, Mike Swan

    GEM Integrated Solutions, Mike Swan

    “We’ve been using EMiR for about 10 years now and we’ve sort of upgraded over the years, so we have Maintenance as part of our system now and it’s proved very successful. In terms of processing work through our factory, EMiR is superb really. From what we used to have to where we are now in terms of booking stuff in, booking it out, logging stock, invoicing…the whole process has been sped up and it all ties together really well. Solutions in I.T. are great. We’ve had one or two glitches along the way, but we’re able to communicate with Mike and his team ether via email or over the phone and they generally sort our problems out straight away, which is what we’re looking for. As a package, EMIR’s been superb really for what we want. I would absolutely recommend EMiR. I think for our industry, it’s perfect, it’s got everything you need. Some of the search features are very good, very easy to use. The best thing about EMiR is the traceability and, I think, the search functions.”

  • Hidrostal Ltd., Annette Boulter

    Hidrostal Ltd., Annette Boulter

    "We’ve been dealing with EMiR since 2014 now. We had a bespoke system before and we didn’t really want to go to a new one because of the upheaval that it would cause, but our partner company WGM had EMiR and we saw it in their company and then we thought, well actually, this is the sort of thing that we’re after and it’s absolutely fantastic. We were attracted to EMiR based on a recommendation, and it was also the fact that we didn’t have to change what we did in order to fit it. Plus, it was bringing best practice from all the other companies within the industry. It’s completely helping our business to grow because we’re now in the situation where we’re more efficient, we can now actually start using real data. We’ve got information coming out of the system that we can use to make real changes, in real time.”

  • Central Group, Shaun Sutton

    Central Group, Shaun Sutton

    “We’ve have been a customer of Solutions in I.T.’s EMiR for 17 years. We put the system in in 2003 and I would describe us as a successful user! We installed the system in 2003. We had tried another ERP system before then which was unsuccessful and then stumbled across EMiR. We’ve found the system to be quick and relatively straightforward to implement. EMiR has been consistent from day one and we’ve done a vast amount of organic development. Genuinely, we’ve made huge strides and progress, and what’s good about the system is that everybody else is doing the same, so you’ve always got the benefit of other people’s innovation.”

  • Arfon Rewinds, Frank O'Reilly

    Arfon Rewinds, Frank O'Reilly

    “We found EMiR very helpful in developing the growth of our business. The EMiR Support, we’ve had online help, we’ve had the visit from one of the sales guys and they’ve been very helpful.”

  • Pole Star Products, Mike Cook

    Pole Star Products, Mike Cook

    “We’ve been using EMiR since early 2015. It works really well. In our old system, we tended to use a lot of spreadsheets, so to integrate it a little bit more, all into one system is great. That was the idea of taking onboard EMiR. The support services are really good, we’ve had a few teething problems because we’re not involved in the workshop stuff, it’s more instant sales. So, it’s a bit of a new step for EMiR and for us too! But it’s good that you can work with Solutions in I.T. to build a system that’s more bespoke for us.”

  • WGM Engineering, Jamie Murray

    WGM Engineering, Jamie Murray

    “EMiR is helping us at the moment because we can have a bit more control over inventory, looking at what we actually require to meet customer demands quicker. It’s helped with the communication between the system and myself from a procurement point of view we can change things, we can get things to work for ourselves and bespoke certain things in reports.”

  • EDC Scotland, Anna Murray

    EDC Scotland, Anna Murray

    “We started using the EMiR system in March 2014 and we moved from Sage 50 Accounts onto EMiR Professional and the change took about a month in total to get everything transferred over. It was absolutely fantastic. The guys were very very helpful when trying to get our system over from Sage to EMiR and put all our information in. The Job Costing aspect, something which Sage never ever had, in EMiR has been absolutely fantastic. You can go into a job and see very easily how much money you’ve spent so far compared to how much you’re actually charging your customer. All the information is in one place. To get help with EMiR is very very easy. There’s always someone at the end of the phone if it’s something urgent. Other than that, you can email them and you get a response back very very quickly.”

  • Elevated Engineering Services, John Mellors

    Elevated Engineering Services, John Mellors

    “In 2018 we decided to go onto the Cloud. We have a few bosses around the company that need to access EMiR and we were finding it more and more difficult to do that from home etc. So, we took the decision to go onto EMiR-Cloud so we could all have the same access be it at home or in the office. I think the main benefit is that you don’t have to backup all your systems, it’s all done for you! You’re not worried about any unforeseen bad accidents like fires or whatever, and also you can access the data from at home, or a hotel or anywhere else. We can all have immediate access to see exactly what’s going on with the company at any time. If you’re thinking about joining EMiR-Cloud, I say do it. It’s far cheaper than looking at servers, and it’s far safer in my opinion. The speed is phenomenal to say you’re going off your own system. We don’t have any problems. So, if you’re going to think about doing it, I’d really do it.”

  • MDM Pumps, David Petersen

    MDM Pumps, David Petersen

    “We’ve used EMiR since 2017 now, it’s a very good system which allows us to us to do many things that we have been looking forward to doing. The EMiR staff have been very good. They explained the system and it seemed to meet our requirements fully. It offered a lot of things that we would require from this type of software. The ability to create PDF invoices and email them directly from the system alongside despatch notes and order acknowledgements is something that we really wanted. We use Stock and Bill of Materials a lot as well as the works order side of that. EMiR is very comprehensive, it has everything we wanted rom it, particularly Stock and bill of materials. The ability to create PDFs of information and send that out from the system is really useful. The guys at Solutions in I.T. are very good. You’re always dealt with by the same person, you can speak to people very easily. So, when we need help, which isn’t very often, then they’re there and available and helpful.”

  • ADC Electrical, Andy Patten

    ADC Electrical, Andy Patten

    "I’ve only been with ADC for three years, but we’ve been with Solutions in I.T. that whole time. ADC have been with them a long time, probably one of the earliest companies to work with them, but they’ve been a great company to work with. If there’s any problems, you just give them a call and there’s always somebody there to help you. They can get onto the system if you’re struggling, and they just help you out! Solutions in I.T. are just really good to work with to be honest, no problems at all."

  • W. J. Mathews, Jamie Pym

    W. J. Mathews, Jamie Pym

    "We use EMiR on the day-to-day. So, we’ve got Smart Site which is up and running on our phones and we can go up to customers now and get them to sign paperwork which is very interesting, and I’m sure we were actually the first company to kind of trial it for them. It’s going good! We first started trialling EMiR 3 or 4 years ago. Solutions in I.T. are very good! They’re very knowledgeable in the equipment that they’re selling. If we’ve got an issue with something there’s always someone there at the other end of the phone."

  • Hidrostal Ltd. Ms Annette Boulter

    Hidrostal Ltd. Ms Annette Boulter

    "EMiR is an ideal tool for us because it is already perfectly suited to the pump and motor industry. We have been able to use it with minimal customisation and it is quick to learn and logical to use. The support from Solutions in IT has been exceptional, with them working as a true partner to us. Customisations have been fast and painless. Working with Solutions in IT has been the best supplier service that I have ever experienced. I would personally recommend EMiR as an excellent solution for other electro-mechanical businesses."

  • Torishima Service Solutions Ltd. Mr Gerry Clocherty

    Torishima Service Solutions Ltd. Mr Gerry Clocherty

    "We had to choose a business management solution that would suit our business well and could grow with our needs as an organisation. (...) It was an easy decision to bring EMiR into our organisation as the system of choice. We are delighted with how the system has helped us to manage our business and that our sister company in Dubai has taken it on board too. (...)"

  • Wilson Fans, Pumps and Motors Group, Graham Brooker

    Wilson Fans, Pumps and Motors Group, Graham Brooker

    "We’ve been working with Solutions in I.T. around 2004-2005. EMiR has certainly saved us a lot of money, particularly with job organisation, part spares, labour... It saved us a fortune at the beginning, and I mean a fortune. It’s amazing, we didn’t realise how much money we were haemorrhaging via the cracks in the paperwork system that we had before. Solutions in I.T. are really really good. If there’s any problems, it’s always dealt with straight away."

  • Houghton International Ltd. Mr Michael Mitten

    Houghton International Ltd. Mr Michael Mitten

    "As one of the first users of EMiR, way back in 1995, we have moved from the DOS to the Windows system, and seen many enhancements along the way. One thing has remained true for all this time, and that is that we have been able to rely on EMiR, and the support service provided, to ensure that our company has an I.T. system that is both suited to the business and always available."

  • Knowlton and Newman Ltd. Mr Robert Knowlton

    Knowlton and Newman Ltd. Mr Robert Knowlton

    “We could have simply upgraded our existing system, but felt that the extra functionality provided by EMiR (...) was worth the investment. We now have one system that allows us to manage our workload and measure the profitability of each site separately, as well as (...) the company overall. EMiR has proved an excellent choice to help us manage our considerable expansion in recent times, and we have also found that the ability to customise EMiR has been extremely useful to help us meet any new business requirements.”

  • MKE Engineering Group. Mr Martin Savage

    MKE Engineering Group. Mr Martin Savage

    “From our point of view, EMiR Professional has proved to be an excellent choice. The suitability of the functionality to our multi-site operation allows us to manage our entire business very closely, and the quality of service and support we have received means that the implementation of EMiR and EMiR’s day-to-day operation since, have both gone very smoothly.”

  • Central Group. Mr Shaun Sutton

    Central Group. Mr Shaun Sutton

    "We purchased the EMiR Professional system because it suited our business methods and practices very closely – it was an easy decision for us to make! We were delighted with how quickly we were able to get fully running on the EMiR system, as we went ‘live’ across our business within two weeks of the system being installed. The system has proven to be fast, reliable and easy to use, and we are therefore happy to recommend EMiR."

  • Brownings Electric Co. Ltd. Ms Christine Swan

    Brownings Electric Co. Ltd. Ms Christine Swan

    "It's so easy for everyone to use, and all our records are now readily accessible within seconds. (No more searching for hours for that lost piece of paperwork). The EMiR Finance system holds so much information that our audit went extremely smoothly, and finally the ability to tailor the system to our own individual needs at a very reasonable cost is brilliant."

  • WGM Engineering Ltd. Mr Ian Mathieson

    WGM Engineering Ltd. Mr Ian Mathieson

    “I am pleased to say that we have seen fantastic growth at WGM in recent times and it was critical to us that we chose a system that would give us total control of our business to ensure that this growth could be managed successfully. We have been really pleased with the EMiR software and the fact that we can customise it to suit our expanding business. It has given us the basis to rapidly increase our workload and turnover without losing sight of the importance of delivering a quality service and managing profitability.”

  • Deebridge Electrical Engineers. Mr Dave Marr

    Deebridge Electrical Engineers. Mr Dave Marr

    "The CRM installation was very straight forward and the training & support we have received was excellent. (...) I have no doubt that this is going to help us improve our account management process and ultimately have a positive impact on the bottom line. It’s also reassuring to know that Solutions in IT are always on hand to provide support where we need it. They could not have been any more accommodating in terms of tailoring their service and product to our particular needs. We really appreciate it."

  • Bellwood Rewinds Ltd. Mr Charles Bellwood

    Bellwood Rewinds Ltd. Mr Charles Bellwood

    “It certainly took me a while to make the decision to purchase EMiR as I was wary about changing our system to completely computerised. Once the system was loaded up (...) we haven’t looked back. I can’t believe how much time it is saving us, I would say we have already seen a 50% time saving with our administration (...). The system is also helping us to manage our stock a lot easier as well. All in all I am absolutely delighted with the EMiR system and would have no fear in recommending it to any other business”.

  • Pumps and Motors UK Ltd., Mr Keith Scull

    Pumps and Motors UK Ltd., Mr Keith Scull

    "We have used EMiR for around 10 years now and have been delighted with the way it fits our business. It is great that there is a package written specifically for our industry, and has helped us to manage our Pumps and Motor service business. We would certainly recommend EMiR to businesses that repair, service and sell pumps or motors."

  • Fazakerley Rewinds Ltd. Mr Greg Russell

    Fazakerley Rewinds Ltd. Mr Greg Russell

    "Following the implementation of EMiR the day to day processing of repairs has improved dramatically. It’s simple, easy to use and, along with the support provided, it's proved to be exceptional value for money. I have no hesitation recommending EMiR software and support package."

  • Arfon Rewinds, Eileen Stevenson

    Arfon Rewinds, Eileen Stevenson

    “Having worked in engineering for over 15 years this is the first time I have used a system which fits the business so well. It’s simple layout is easy for everyone to use; you don‘t need to be a computer expert. The ability to record photographs, test results and any other documentation in one place is brilliant. It’s an awesome system when answering customer queries on the phone because everything you need to know is at the click of a mouse. I would have no hesitation in recommending EMiR – it’s awesome!! “

  • Dorlec Ltd., Mr Paul Barnett

    Dorlec Ltd., Mr Paul Barnett

    "The EMiR system has been superb and the company has definitely moved forward as a result. EMiR has all the facilities to generate the reports we need whilst the job costing and invoicing processes have been accelerated markedly. It's really helping to bring our company into the 21st Century."

  • Stewart Rewinds Ltd., Mr Jim Stewart

    Stewart Rewinds Ltd., Mr Jim Stewart

    “I am pleased to have found a system that is so suited to my business and at a very reasonable price. EMiR Professional is a great match for my business needs and together with the Winding Details Database, provides a total solution to my job management needs. I have been very impressed with EMiR and the service that comes with it.”

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