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Welcome to EMiR Software!
The market-leading business management software for companies working with electric motors, drives & gearboxes, pumps, generators, hydraulics, compressors, electronics, conveyors and their control systems. Software covering all aspects of manufacturing & assembly, service & repair, sales & distribution and hire.

We work solely within the electro-mechanical distribution, sales, service, repair and assembly industries to provide the market-leading EMiR ERP software covering job management, repair and sales order processing, stock and purchasing, labour scheduling, CRM, dashboards and smart mobile apps, This market includes electric motors, drives, pumps, compressors, hydraulics, gearboxes, generators, control panels and their sales, service, hire and manufacture.

3 Unique Reasons to choose EMiR for your business.
1. EMiR is a complete business solution designed specifically for your electro-mechanical business
2. EMiR users collaborate with us on the direction of the product and the focus of its development
3. EMiR Software has over 25 years of sector experience with close links to prominent industry trade associations

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