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What is the EMiR Referral Programme?
In over 20 years of development, many of the clients that have chosen EMiR as their business software solution of choice have come to us by way of recommendation.    As a collaborative marketing approach, the prospective customer may have received information about EMiR, in way of newsletters, web site updates or Social Media, but nothing adds more credence to the proposal than the independent authorisation of an existing user.
The EMiR Referral Programme offers our customers and partners a share in that success for their help in the recommendation process. 

How do we run the scheme?
You simply register the interest of the third party with the EMiR Team and qualify for the rewards system.  You can do this by phone, email or the web form below.
Each lead will be validated before the reward is made.  So ensure you check that:

• The prospect knows you
• The prospect is aware of who we are
• They have an interest in what we do
• They have a requirement for system like EMiR in the near future
• You have permission from them for us to call

It is not important that you have a list of requirements for the prospect as the EMiR team will call them to gain an understanding of their needs.    With over 20 years experience in the electro-mechanical industry, we can quickly identify how we can help your partner.  The important role you play in the relationship is hearing they need a system, making the recommendation and asking permission for us to call.

  In a small number of instances the prospect may be referred to us by more than one party, in these and similar situations the EMiR team will treat each case on its merits.  We want to keep the programme simple and without too many rules, it is in our best interests to reward each referrer that recommends what we do.


What’s in it for me?
The EMiR Referral Programme delivers vouchers to your door that meet with the items and services you want to buy.  Simply, register the lead and let us know your preference in vouchers!   Whether you choose some relaxing retail therapy or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it’s your choice, all you have to do is speak about EMiR.

 The Rewards:

• £25 of rewards per meeting (meeting must take place within 3 months of referral)
• £200 of rewards for each sale (timescale of sale unlimited)

 The EMiR Team would like to thank you for your participation in the EMiR Referral Programme.  If you’d like to register a referral in person or would like to know more, call 0845 009 4588 or email info@solutionsinit.com.

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