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EMiR Support

Your EMiR system will come with helpdesk and technical support free for 60 days and then via a recurring annual contract, to ensure you have help available if you need it and that your system is kept in fully working order.

EMiR Helpdesk and Technical support delivers the following benefits to our EMiR user base:

Helpdesk Support
To answer your queries and help you if you are unsure what to do, or how to handle an unusual situation on the system.

Remote Support
This can be used to correct any errors that may have been made, whether due to user error [didn’t mean to do it!], hardware problems or the software not behaving as you thought it would. We can also use this facility to show you how to do any particular task, investigate any problems and provide a new program for you when you receive an update. This means that we can be with you, helping you and fixing faults, instantly and without leaving our offices. We provide you with a support program that enables you to link to our support desks when requested, thereby giving us remote access [you have to initiate the connection though].

FREE Updates
As we make ‘general’ changes to EMiR to improve the speed and performance or upgrade reports and enquiries etc., these upgrades will be made available to you free of charge, ensuring that you are always running the latest version of EMiR. This does not cover major pieces of new functionality though, which will be available to purchase at a discounted rate as an existing user with a support contract or can be included on a Maintenance contract. 

Special Offers
You will receive special offers throughout the year, on hardware and software items, allowing you to purchase additional items for your system at a preferential rate.

Discounted Development Rate
If you choose to develop your system still further and want additional functionality, you will be charged at a reduced development rate compared to those users who have no support contract. The normal development rate without support is £110 per hour, but this is reduced to £85 per hour with support.

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