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EMiR Professional

Our EMiR 'Professional' solution builds further on our 'Standard' solution and has enhanced functionality that is designed to suit larger organisations and particularly those with multi-site implementations [where a business has more than one site using the software on a Wide Area Network] in a client/server environment.

EMiR Professional is our ‘top-of-the-range’ solution and is aimed at larger companies who want complete control of their single or multiple branch operation:

  • Designed to handle multiple branch operations for sales, service and repair work.
  • Higher level of functionality in each module to provide more service and control for you.
  • Increased job types to further handle hire, contracting and batch manufacturing production.
  • Reporting broken down by branch or business unit as well as company combines.
  • No limit on users, just buy as many licenses as you need.
  • A ‘modular approach’ allows you to economically expand the system to meet your needs.
  • Fully customisable to suit your exact requirements.
  • Incorporation of Email technology for efficient sending of key documents.
  • Export of all enquiries directly into Excel, allowing customisation of reporting.
The 'Basic' module is a complete job management solution:
  • Easy and effective control of the day-to-day running of your business.
  • Simple entry of job details.
  • Extensive enquiry and reporting facilities at the touch of a button.
  • Store Photo's and related Files against jobs.
  • All pricing and costing information in one easy viewing.
  • Accurate job costing to show true costs of repairs, eliminating under-pricing.
  • Fast access to view all jobs currently in work in progress or any status.
  • Reporting to show breakdown of costs and profit per job.
Add other Modules to manage more of your business functions:
  • Use the Stock module to manage known parts with known prices and stock levels.
  • Purchasing to raise orders for stock or jobs and record receipt and rejection of goods.
  • Quoting to raise quotes and to know which items need quoting or chasing.
  • Asset Management to record and track each of your customer’s assets uniquely.
  • Full Nominal Ledger financial control or Interface to Sage accounts for invoice transfer.
Add other Extensions to further expand EMiR’s usefulness to your organisation:
  • CRM to help manage your customers and measure salesperson performance.
  • T&A to record engineer time live via barcode scanning system.
  • Labour Scheduling to plan your engineers and resources via a calendar system.
  • Web Job Tracker to allow your customers to enquire on their job’s status via the web.
  • Web-CALS to allow your customers web-access to track their assets.
  • Smart Site to allow site engineers to record all their activity on a Smart Phone device.
  • E-Commerce to allow sale of stock and order processing via a website
  • Winding Details Database allows recording of winding specifications as per AEMT data book
  • Dashboards, a new way to view and interpret your information on screen
  • Task Centre, an information automation tool that keeps you informed of important business changes
For more details on EMiR Professional, please see the brochure and links below.

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