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Asset Management

The EMiR Asset Management module allows you to store and enquire on all your clients' managed motors/pumps and other assets, and then allows you to provide comprehensive information to them on their assets and what has happened to them over a period.

The EMiR Asset Management module allows you to store and review:

Technical Details and References about each motor/pump/gearbox
The Site, Location and Sub-location of where it is used by the customer
The EX status and unlimited notes on EX related issues
Unlimited Environmental information notes
Unlimited General Notes about the item
Additional comments that are transferred to the job when you book in
Photos of the Asset to help identificati on - also transfers to the job
Link and access any type of file [Word™, Excel™,etc.]
Track and analyse fault information
Track if a Managed Asset is surpassed by another or is surpassing another
View all the jobs that have been created for the Managed Asset

All this Asset Management information is available instantly whenever you book in a job for a customer and EMiR automatically transfers all the relevant data to the job to save you re-typing any of it!

Simply set up the customer as a ‘Managed Asset’ customer, and then add in all their motors/pumps/gearboxes into the database. Whenever you then raise a job, EMiR will know that this is a managed asset customer and ask if the job you are raising is for a managed asset. If it is, you simply choose an asset from their database and all the necessary information such as serial number, customer reference, technical details, additional comments, photo’s etc. will be transferred across to the job.

You can then enquire on Managed Assets by Customer and Location, find the managed asset that you need and view all the related jobs for that asset.

Auto Raise Service Jobs and Schedule Engineers

Further, as part of our EMiR Professional functionality, you can set service intervals against assets and EMiR will auto-raise service jobs when they are due - you can tell EMiR how far you wish it to look ahead and schedule jobs for.

Further if you use it in conjunction with our Labour Scheduling extension, you can also book out engineers automatically to perform the service, either by name [top 3 preferred engineers in order of preference] or by trade where you can then see which engineers with suitable skills are available to perform the service on the date required - making your choice of engineer easy!


EMiR Asset Management will ensure that you, and your client via use of our Web-CALS extension, will have complete traceability of all activity to each individual asset. You will know how many times it has been repaired and serviced, the fault history and the complete cost of all activity for the item.

You will be able to lead the client as to whether the asset needs to be replaced, serviced or simply covered by a suitable spare if it is in a critical location on this site.

In short, Asset Management at its best.

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