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The EMiR Purchasing module is the ideal way to track and perform all your purchasing activity, whether buying for stock or directly for an ongoing Job. Ensure you know the status of your purchased items and track what is open, overdue, delivered or has been returned to the Supplier via its goods rejection system.

Purchase Orders can be raised for stock items in conjunction with the Stock Module (which allows entry of known part numbers with known prices), miscellaneous items (free hand text entries), and can be purchased on ‘General’ orders or on “Direct” orders against Jobs and you can also combine the two in our Professional version.
The Purchase Order is created listing the items to be purchased, detailing part numbers and descriptions, quantity and pricing information.

There is also the facility to set a delivery date for each item, so that the supplier’s performance can be monitored against required delivery dates.

Purchase Orders can be raised in the appropriate currency of the Supplier. The printed Purchase Order is designed to fit A4 blank or headed paper as standard.

When ordering stock items, all the details of the parts required are automatically entered on the purchase order. When the order is received, the stock level is automatically increased.

When ordering items directly for a job (whether stock or miscellaneous items), all the items ordered will immediately be recorded to the job (bypassing the stock system), so no additional work is required for recording spares usage, ensuring that the job costing process has all the required data it needs.

EMiR also has facility for recording extensive notes against each item ordered [text blocks], and allows carriage to be recorded separately [without the need to record it as an item on the order].

The Purchasing module has its own ‘Goods In‘ functionality to receive the items ordered, and each delivery of goods received is uniquely logged with its own electronic Goods Received Note [GRN].

Goods can also be rejected through EMiR, and EMiR will produce a Rejection Note that is ideal to accompany the goods back to the supplier.

Purchase order numbers can also be ‘reserved’ for use at alater time. The order can subsequently be amended to enter the actual items required, which is ideal for site engineers placing orders on the move.

EMiR allows you to set various limits on PO creation so that PO’s above that value will require approval before they can be printed or emailed. Such approval is flagged internally by EMiR to the appropriate users and subsequently the PO raiser is informed when the PO has been improved – all via EMiR’s internal email system!

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