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Enquiry Scheduler

EMiR helps you to manage all aspects of your business and has a suite of over 100 reports and Enquiries to help you understand what is really happening and how you can improve your process and throughput. There are certain reports for each department, that are essential to the everyday running of the business and depending on the level of information required, can take a while to run and compile the detailed information you need.


Features and Benefits






The Enquiry Scheduler allows you to run key reports and enquiries with the data saved to a suitable Excel file or PDF output, ready for you to access when you need it.

 Schedule enquiries to be run out of hours or several times a day, without the need for anyone to spend time running the reports.

Add any existing EMiR Enquiries to the Scheduler for a small development fee.

Ideal for providing key data, saved to chosen locations, for connection to your own Graphical interface or Dashboards.

The Enquiry Scheduler is a simple installation handled by our support team

 Free your staff from running key reports every day.


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