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Bellwood Rewinds Ltd.

Bellwood Rewinds, based in Hartlepool, operate from multiple factory units. Shortly after purchasing a 3-user EMiR Standard system in 2013, Bellwood Rewinds purchased an additional license!

About Bellwood Rewinds

Bellwood Rewinds repair and sell a wide variety of new and used motors and generators. They specialise in selling new and reconditioned motors and generators and provide their clients 24-hour service.

After using a paper-based system and Sage accounting, Bellwood Rewinds decided to make the switch to EMiR Standard. Their previous system could not keep up with their continuously growing business, and after heading about EMiR through the AEMT, they decided to make an investment in managing their business better. 

Now, Bellwood Rewinds have 4 licenses on EMiR Standard and have purchased the Winding Details Database Extension to suit their needs.

Modules and Extensions Purchased


What Bellwood Rewinds Have to Say About EMiR

“It certainly took me a while to make the decision to purchase the EMiR software as I was wary about changing our system to completely computerised. Once the system was loaded up with the information we changed overnight and haven’t looked back. I can’t believe how much time it is saving us, I would say we have already seen a 50% time saving with our administration, our shop floor workers use the EMiR and add their own materials straight to the job rather than the office having to do it. I must admit I was most wary about the Sage Line 50 interface for the exporting of sales and purchase invoices, however, once set up correctly the exports are carried out seamlessly. The system is also helping us to manage our stock a lot easier as well. All in all I am absolutely delighted with the EMiR system and would have no fear in recommending it to any other business.”

Charles Bellwood, Managing Director

We thank Charles and all the staff at Bellwood Rewinds for being part of this case study and hope they continue to develop with their EMiR Standard system.

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