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Houghton International Ltd.

Houghton International, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, have been using EMiR since 1995. As Houghton have grown, they have developed their EMiR system and now have 27 licenses for EMiR Professional, as well as Dashboards and Smart Site.

About Houghton International

As well as providing motor and pump sales, repair and service, Houghton also manufacture HV coils for other repair companies, sell expertise and knowledge products around the world, and have a fast-growing presence in the UK rail industry. As expected, diversifying the company was challenging, but EMiR Professional has helped Houghton to establish themselves into separate business units because of its multi-site functionality.
“My challenge as MD was to split the company into four separately managed profit centres, based on a replicable business model. The EMiR Pro system will allow us to go up to 10 individual business units. As a result, EMiR Pro has enabled us to have a group shape to the business, with profit centres clearly defined. Because of the diverse range of services we provide into the market, and their potential value to larger companies, splitting everything up means we have a very clear understanding of not only where we generate profits, but why. And that’s critical to realising the investment levels we expect.”
Michael Mitten, Managing Director
Now, each business unit can be tracked separately, with its own profit and loss statement, allowing Michael and his business unit managers to track both the logistical performance and the financial situation of each unit separately.


On top of their EMiR Modules, one of the Extensions Houghton use is Dashboards. Houghton International were already making use of Power BI (the backbone of the Extension) but didn’t have the time to create the types of reports and Dashboards they wanted. Dashboards can be used to visualise data from EMiR and deliver the reports to those that manage your business. By working with the EMiR team and purchasing EMiR Dashboards, Houghton got the exact Dashboards they needed, saving them time and money. Alongside the Dashboards EMiR provides as standard, Houghton have commissioned customised Dashboards for Quality Health Safety Environment and Non-Conformance Products.

“Gary came back after a period of time and he had literally built everything I was going to build and was going to sell it to me. I was a bit put out at first but then he came to the price and it was much cheaper than I was expecting, for like nothing. It’s saved me 6 months of work and relearning the product since Microsoft are constantly updating it. Dashboards are improving through a feedback process of an expert user accountant discussing discussing with a technical expert on Power BI, and it’s getting better all the time.”

Jack Dunning, Finance Director

Modules and Extensions Purchased

What Houghton International Have to Say About EMiR

We reviewed a number of systems and found that compatibility with our old EMiR system was a big plus. However, our main reason to go with EMiR Pro was the huge range of functionality it offered in facilitating our growth and development of multiple revenues streams.”
Michael Mitten, Managing Director

We thank Michael, Jack and all the staff at Houghton International for taking part in this case study and hope they continue to develop with their EMiR Professional System.

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