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Houghton International Ltd., Newcastle

Houghton International have been using the EMIR system since 1995, and have recently upgraded to our Professional version in order to meet the increasing demands of their growing business activities. In recent times they have seen a change in senior management, with former AEMT President, Ron Mitten, standing down and his son Michael having now succeeded him.

Location : Walker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
System : EMIR Professional System
User Licenses : 10
Modules : Basic, Stock, Purchasing, Quoting, Finance, Motor Management
Date of Issue : Nov 2006

This change in leadership has coincided with Houghton diversifying into new fields. So in addition to the ‘usual’ services of Motor and Pump sales, repair and service, Houghton also manufacture HV coils for other repair companies, sell expertise and knowledge products around the world, export to 10 countries world wide and have a fast growing presence in the UK rail industry. This has been a challenging time for the company, as they have had to balance diverse growth with the need to keep control and as Michael explains, this is the reason why he chose to upgrade to EMIR Professional.

“We reviewed a number of systems and found that compatibility with our old EMIR system was a big plus. However, our main reason to go with EMIR Pro was the huge range of functionality it offered in facilitating our growth and development of multiple revenues streams.“

As part of Houghton’s continuing development and substantial growth, they have recently reorganised themselves into separate “business units”, and this has been facilitated by using EMIR’s multi-site functionality that exists within the Professional system. Effectively, each separate business unit can now be tracked separately, with each having its own P&L statement, allowing Michael and his business unit managers to track both the logistical performance and the financial situation of each unit separately. Michael explains why he believes that this is vital for Houghton’s continued growth...

“My challenge as MD was to split the company into four separately managed profit centres, based on a replicable business model. The EMIR Pro system will allow us to go up to 10 individual business units. As a result, EMIR Pro has enabled us to have a group shape to the business, with profit centres clearly defined. Because of the diverse range of services we provide into the market, and their potential value to larger companies, splitting everything up means we have a very clear understanding of not only where we generate profits, but why. And that’s critical to realising the investment levels we expect.”

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