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Hidrostal Ltd.

Hidrostal, based in Berkshire and West Yorkshire, are responsible for making Hidrostal AG products in the UK, Ireland, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Pakistan. They have 35 licences for EMiR Professional, as well as six of our Extensions.

About Hidrostal

Hidrostal have almost 40 years of experience in the industry and have deployed thousands of pumping systems. This means the company fully understand their clients’ needs and can meet the technical requirements involved. Since Hidrostal are a distributor for Hidrostal AG, a major Swiss pump manufacturing business formed in 1967, they customise bare shaft pumps to specification. This includes the fitting of seals, local manufacture of drive assemblies from vertical pumps, fabrication of baseplates for horizontal unites, and assembly to UK procured motors and couplings. The complete customised pumps are then shipped to the final customer.

Modules and Extensions Purchased

What Hidrostal Have to Say About EMiR

“What we found was that the enquiries within EMiR were so straight forward that the auditors simply figured out where to get the information themselves, without having constantly to ask for evidence and copies of invoices. This saved hours of time on our part. So much so that we are even considering undertaking the audit remotely next year. The move to an electronic Finance Department has not made us completely paperless but has led to 99% less paper, which in turn has led to less storage space being required and the ability to outsource much of the transactional Finance activity. The efficiency of the department and the happiness of our suppliers has increased tenfold.”
Annette Boulter, Group Finance Director
We thank Annette and all the staff at Hidrostal for taking part in this case study and hope they continue to prosper with their EMiR Professional system.

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