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eMiR Learning

eMiR-Learning is an online learning management system, providing existing and new users of EMiR a platform to continue their system solution training.

The focus of eMiR-Learning is to create courses on every aspect of EMiR Modules and Extensions, a knowledge share between the development team and users of the product. With our customers help, EMiR continues to be improved, applying new functionality that make a real difference to the way the

system works and interacts within the industry.

An online platform available 24/7/365. Available for individuals or company-wide

An ever-increasing selection of courses and engaging content

Each course consists of video and text content, questions on the material with a required pass rate

Certificates are issued on each course to individual’ achieving the pass rate

Employee skills tracking


Features and Benefits


Allow your staff to access EMiR courses from anywhere, at anytime, on any device. Internet access is not limited and users can proceed through coursework in and around their working pattern.

New Starter Solution

A solid introduction to how EMiR Professional operates and how each Module interacts with the departments and people within your organisation. Provide as part of HR onboarding.

Individual Achievement

Socially distanced, self-paced learning allowing your company to offer skills targets and career goals aiding your employee retention. Staff morale and job satisfaction are enhanced by sufficient training.

Skills Tracking

A helpful addition to your HR work, recording tests and assessments undertaken along with grades and ability to learn. Show commitment to career advancement at employee appraisals.

Employee Refreshers

Existing staff updates and core product functionality learning. EMiR users may not have been present at the original installation and may lack vital background. eMiRLearning is a valuable reference tool.

Certified Learning

Login to the system, explore the courses and learn from clear and concise videos, check your study with an assessment and download the certificate and become an EMiR Certified Professiobnal.


List of courses

Introduction to EMiR Repair Jobs

Introduction to EMiR Sales Jobs

Introduction to EMiR Stock Jobs

Introduction to EMiR Hire Jobs

Introduction to Quoting

Introduction to Stock Control

Introduction to Purchasing

Introduction to Asset Management

Introduction to Enquiries and Reporting

Introduction to System Administrator Information

Introduction to CRM

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