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The Finance Module adds the full Nominal Ledger accounts to the Sales and Purchase Ledger functionality that is available within the Basic system to ensure your financial information complies with all audit requirements.

Sales Ledger
The Sales Ledger is available within the Basic system and provides the essential functionality you need to control your debtors. This module includes Invoice and Credit Note production, receipt of Payments and Deposits, Aged Debtor Analysis, Statements and comprehensive reporting facilities.

Purchase Ledger
Includes functionality to record the Receipt, Approval and Payment of Invoices; Holding invoices for nonpayment and printing of Suggested Payments and O/S Creditors reports.

Nominal Ledger (NL) & VAT
The NL provides a Full Trial Balance, instant Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Fixed Asset Control. The reports available include the VAT Return option which shows you all the totals and evidence you need to complete a VAT return.

Cash Book and Bank Reconciliation
Automatically builds entries into a ‘Cash Book’ from transactions that are made during the normal running of accounts, such as Purchase Ledger payments, Sales Ledger payments and Journal entries. A Bank Reconciliation option allows you to ‘tick off’ entries that appear on your statements to ensure that you haven’t missed any transactions.

Open Postings
The Nominal Ledger allows the user to continue processing transactions in advance of the current financial month up to the current date. E.g. If you are in financial month of September, but it is the calendar month of October you can still do October transactions without affecting the month of September.

Financial Reporting
All reports can be viewed or printed at any time of the month providing a complete audit trail:
Trial Balance, full and summary
Profit and Loss reporting with Schedule
Balance Sheet
Journal entries, showing all transactions
Cash Book and Bank Reconciliation reports
Sales and Purchase ‘Day Books’
Sales and Purchase Credit Notes
Sales and Purchase Ledger reports
VAT return reporting
Fixed asset reporting
Production of Debt chasing letters
Multiple cash book setup available
P&L analysis versus Budget
Export of BACS payments into CSV file.
Intrastat Reporting [Pro only]
Cash Flow forecasting [Pro only]
Extended options for multi-site setup [Pro only]

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