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Task Centre

The EMiR Task Centre is a Business Process Management (BPM) suite that works with EMiR data to build, operate and maintain any number of automated processes. Of its many accomplishments, Task Centre will create intelligent routing and authorisation work flows, enable direct web publishing, allow 3rd party integration between EMiR and other business systems and alert notifications.

BPM - Creating Proactive Management from EMiR Data!
Imagine a business that was automated.  A business that could proactively manage the collation of important information and distribute it, in a timely fashion, to those employees that need to know.  The kind of important information that would allow you to make accurate, timely decisions, across your business.  Well, this is exactly what the EMiR Task Centre will do for you!

All too often, we set a plan in motion and are unable to see the real impact on our business for weeks or months.  Sometimes, putting the measurements in place, speaking to the right people in your organisation and centralising your findings can prove too late to work effectively.  The EMiR Task Centre is a live monitoring service that’s sits at the heart of your business looking for the things that are important to you.  Task Centre will deliver management reports on time, with no delays.  It will tell you when key events take place or alert you when they don’t – the choice of events is yours! 

Intelligent Routing and Authorisation Workflows
We all have manual systems that we use to route documentation around the work place, but what happens when the variables change.  A key employee is on holiday, urgent work circumnavigates the system or the customer makes last minute changes and shortens the lead time for each project.  Then our manual systems breakdown and as people we suffer from an atmosphere of uncontrolled procedure and measurability. 

When these processes are included in Task Centre, they happen automatically regardless of the amount of work you take on as a business.   Task Centre will ask for approval of each project stage from the appropriate people and escalate if the answer isn’t forthcoming – you will have visibility of every action!

The Diversity of BPM across your organisation!
Think of all of the jobs you do manually, all of the duplication of text and numbers in a multitude of spreadsheets when a central pot of EMiR data is all you really need.  By linking and automating processes you can save time and keep you in control.

Obviously, EMiR may not be your only software tool and it may need to share information with other packages on which you rely.  Just think of the duplication of effort and data.  Once you have EMiR Task Centre on your EMiR network, then you can open the door to hundreds of possibilities!

Below are some examples of the kind of functionality that could be built for you by our staff using the EMiR Task Centre development platform or even created by your own, suitably trained, super-user:

Automate the delivery of emailed reports to each department such as:

  • Orders received today
  • Customers on or off stop or approaching credit limit
  • Sales turnover against target for week, month, year to date
  • Quotes awaiting / overdue follow up
  • Key Performance Indicators, number of calls made in CRM
  • Daily cash at bank
  • Jobs over-running list
  • Goods expected today

Send Customers automated updates:

  • Job progress reports
  • Delivery details of items despatched
  • Outstanding quoted items for their approval.

Alerts by email or SMS text message

  • Orders received
  • Urgent CRM follow-ups
  • Key training expiry dates for staff
  • Jobs nearing or on their budget limits
  • PO’s that need approval
  • Urgent goods received

Approvals and work flow authorisations

  • Purchase order approval required (for orders over a value, by department, supplier, multiple managers)
  • Resetting job budgets to allow additional expenditure or to freeze spending on a  project

3rd Party Software Connectivity

  • Orders received from your E-Commerce web site instantly available in EMiR
  • Automated delivery information from Parcel Force or other 3rd party companies.
  • Microsoft Exchange linkage
  • Card payment authorisation connectivity
  • Direct access to Sage data to update EMiR data, such as credit limit info.

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