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The Customer Relationship Management extension, or CRM for short, is designed to give you a total picture of all activity related to improving your customer service and sales and marketing efforts.

Ultimate Sales Management Tool – Anywhere!
The CRM extension is the ultimate sales management tool and is great for both salespeople and business owners alike, allowing you to manage and measure all aspects of sales activity within your company. Also, as it is web-based, it is available from any device with an Internet connection, so can be used on the run, from home, in the office or just about anywhere! What’s more CRM has unrestricted licenses and receives and updates EMiR totally live, so there is no duplication of data or effort.

You can set annual budgets for Salesman by Customer and even have several salespersons with budgets for the same client [if they are selling different products/services to the same client]. Sales revenue and forecast sales can then be seen against budget to measure sales performance via customer, site, department and sales person. Not only that, you can set budgets for the following year simply by applying a percentage increase on this year’s budget – so no need to type it all in again!

Sales Pipeline
Not only are orders and revenue tracked, but all aspects of outstanding quotes and opportunities are too. Such future sales are measured by time-scale and a percentage of probability that they will turn into orders, so the sales person can forecast likely sales and track all opportunities from within the CRM system – giving you a view of the pipeline for your entire organisation.

State of Play
Each salesperson is able to see an instant picture of how they are doing and all the tasks they need to do whether it is producing quotes, following-up existing quotes, arranging meetings, developing opportunities, etc. They can instantly see which order numbers need chasing, which customers are on stop, or how a customer is performing against budget or their credit limit.

Total Management Control
As a manager you will not only be able to see an individual salesperson’s progress, but you can also see an overview of how the business is performing by Site, Department and Customer – giving you a 360-degree view of the sales activity of your company. In addition to measuring sales performance in both revenue and order terms, you can also see what activities each salesperson has undertaken – who he has seen, called and emailed, to give you a total picture of completed and required sales activity within your company.

Customer Details
Simply the most comprehensive customer records you have ever seen, with instant analysis of all past work, current orders, revenue and work in progress. You have instant access to contacts and to be able to book meetings and send emails via the CRM that are posted automatically into your Outlook or Exchange ‘Sent Box’ and Calendar. In short, everything a sales person needs to do can be tracked via the CRM system and can be analysed and reported on!

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