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Deebridge Electrical Engineers

Deebridge Electrical Engineers operate in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Marine and Industrial sectors. The company was established in 1947 as a motor rewinding service provider and has since continued to progress. They supply and manufacture electrical power and rotating equipment as well as provide onsite, workshop and testing & certification services.


Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

System: EMIR Standard

Project Background

As a member of the AEMT the company knew about EMIR and decided to invest in the system at the end of 2008 to help them manage the business even better. We installed a 6-user EMIR Standard system at the beginning of 2009 and later in the year they purchased another two user licences. Dave Marr, Operations Director, joined Deebridge in 2012 and since then he has been actively involved in making sure that EMIR is used to its full potential. Dave decided they needed a customer relationship management software as a tool to help them understand their performance better, as well as to keep track of all interactions with their current and future customers. The EMIR CRM extension seemed like an obvious choice as not only is it the sales management tool but also it links directly with their EMIR Standard system. The CRM addition was installed in July 2013 and we are sure it will prove to be a great investment! 


System: EMIR Standard
User Licences: 8
Modules: Basic, Quoting, Stock, Purchasing, Asset Management and Sage Line 50 Interface
Extensions: Winding Details Database, CRM

Customer Feedback

Dave Marr says:

"As Operations Director of Deebridge, I needed a tool that would allow me to better understand and manage our sales performance. As we already used EMIR to manage our workshop operations, extending our subscription to the CRM module made good sense given that they are designed to be compatible and communicate data instantly. The CRM installation was very straight forward and the training & support we have received was excellent. I can now easily monitor all ongoing sales activity, create sales targets and manage client accounts individually. The system has the flexibility to let us group and monitor our clients the way we want to. I have no doubt that this is going to help us improve our account management process and ultimately have a positive impact on the bottom line. It’s also reassuring to know that Solutions in IT are always on hand to provide support where we need it. They could not have been any more accommodating in terms of tailoring their service and product to our particular needs. We really appreciate it."

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Date of Issue: August 2013

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