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Smart Site

Smart Site is the ideal mobile application that is integrated with both EMiR Standard and Professional. It allows capture of all job related activity by your site engineers, wherever they are working.

Instead of waiting on various job sheets to return to the office detailing expenses, labour hours, materials used, etc. Smart Site is an Apple iOS and Android application that will allow your engineers to:

- Look at a list of jobs to be done with postcode information to help with directions instantly accessible in Smart Phone map applications.

- View detailed job information

- Record their hours worked on the job along with the activity undertaken

- Record Mileage and other Expenses

- Record the work carried out

- Record any notes about the work that was done

- Fill in a safety checklist that is defined in EMiR

- Create a ‘Service Checklist’  with each option having a Pass/Fail or N/A tick against it. You can also tick to show if additional work is required along with an order number and record whether the machine is safe to operate. The service checklist is then instantly available in EMiR and can be interrogated to show jobs that have failed a service item, or require further work, etc.

- Take photographs of the work undertaken or the unit's condition.

- Get a customer signature to sign off for the work that has been completed.

- Close the job as completed.

Smart Site is a Smart Phone application designed for Apple iOS and Android devices which talks directly to EMiR when synchronised, but importantly works off-line when there is no phone signal or internet connectivity available.

Put simply, Smart Site removes the need for engineers to be filling in reams of paperwork [that may or may not arrive back in the office!] and allows you to see job information in real time.

The EMiR administrator can re-open jobs if needed, and all costing's and other recorded activity can still be edited and updated from within the EMiR Standard and Professional systems.

All in all, Smart Site allows you capture all of the information you need from your engineers to ensure that job processing is smooth and transparent, whilst at the same time, ensuring that you still have total control of job costing information and which information is presented to the client.

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