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The Stock Module is used for the complete control of all stock items. Each stock part has its own stock 'profile'. The profile details the number of items in stock, the amount recommended for purchase, those actually on order, any shortages of the part required for jobs, and the number of that part that are already allocated to jobs.

The stock system interfaces into the Job Costing section of the Basic system to provide known part and pricing information, such that when a stock part is recorded as used against a job, the stock levels are decremented accordingly. This ensures that your stock system always shows the true picture of your stock levels and value.

Information stored against stock parts includes a 20 character part number, 50 character description, a cost price, an RRP, a lead-time for supply, and you can also track by serial number,record stock as ‘consignment stock’ and store ‘price break’ information (if you do get cheaper prices based on the quantity ordered).

EMiR can be used to analyse usage of all stock parts and set minimum and maximum stock levels with required re-order quantities. These can be over-ridden by the user’s own manual entry. EMiR can also produce purchase recommendations, based on these minimum and maximum levels, to ensure that stock holdings are kept at desired levels. If used in conjunction with the Purchasing Module, the user can accept any of the recommendations required and EMiR will automatically produce purchase orders to the required suppliers.

Each stock item can be purchased from multiple suppliers, by use of Supplier Parts. So for each part you can have many suppliers with each supplier calling the item by a different catalogue number [if required].

The EMiR stock system will also allow you to set discount rates by customer so items are sold at their agreed prices, and provides all the reports and enquiries you need to help manage your stock efficiently including stock valuation reporting, stock check reporting and details on top moving items.

Make sure you know the price of the key spares and products that you sell and ensure you can track how often they are used and where they are stocked.

In short, EMiR has everything you need to manage your stock efficiently and keep it accurate and up-to-date!

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