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Mindsphere - Siemens Cloud for Industry

17/08/17 - EMiR user at the forefront of Industry 4.0

The digitalisation of industrial equipment means that it is now possible to record and store enormous amounts of information about the machinery that we rely on to aid the smooth running of our businesses.  The platform, Mindsphere for Cloud Industry by Siemens allows this information to be collected, saved and analysed in real time and turned into smart information.  As a business, you may be wanting to make long term decisions over your carbon footprint and energy usage or want to keep a financial eye over the life and usage of plant in a proactive condition management role, Mindsphere is the tool that will give you this.

Siemens partner and EMiR customer Central Group based in Knowsley, Liverpool are exploring the many benefits Mindsphere has to offer.   To demonstrate its usefulness, Central Group are currently monitoring fan motor units on their own baking ovens, an exercise designed to provide real feedback that can be used internally to gauge energy usage and offer detailed insight and predictions on the life of the unit and why failures occur.  As Managing Director Shaun Sutton attests, ‘The bread and butter of the service industry has always been the speed in which we are able to respond and repair a failed item of equipment in the field.  Customers will quickly recognise and adopt technology that can accurately predict the life of a unit in daily use and improve subsequent uptime.’ 

Customers can expect to see a test rig over the next few months that will demonstrate how the information is collected and stored in Mindsphere technology, comprising of a Variable Speed Drive, AC Motor, Gearbox and Pump. The engineers at Central Group want to be able to instantly demonstrate how quickly the condition of equipment can deteriorate when not maintained, installed and operated correctly.  Importantly they want to show how quickly the deterioration of important machinery can be brought to their customers attention using the new technology.

For more information on state-of-the-art repair contact the Central Group: www.gocentral.co.uk

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