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World Backup Day

31/03/15 World Data Backup Day - are you fully protected?

Did you know that March the 31st is World Backup Day?

This is an independent campaign to raise awareness of the perils of losing data from your business – and it’s so easily done because we are all busy getting the job done that we don’t give a thought to whether our data is really backed up and retrievable!

So this day is a reminder to you to check that your files are being backed up and to test that it is actually working and that your data really is safe!

How much does your business rely on data?

Financial accounts going back years, contact details and phone numbers for every customer, supplier and associate, historical job information, winding details, payroll and HR information, sales and marketing letters/campaigns and supplier artwork , purchasing history and all negotiated pricing, CNC and CAD drawings, stock holding based on previous usage, etc ….the list goes on!

The important question is, if you lost all your data today, where would you be tomorrow?

The following is true:
• 60% of companies with major data loss shut down in 6 months.
• 44% of all data loss is caused by hardware or system malfunction.
• 90% of IT decision-makers believe their data is vulnerable in a disaster.

The solution is simple….allow EMiR Remote Backup to protect your business

1. The Backup happens every night and you don’t need to start it off!
2. You don’t have to rely on an employee taking home a tape, stick or hard drive!
3. You receive an emailed report every day telling you which files have been backed up or notified of any issues – so there is no confusion as to what is being backed up!
4. All data is held off-site, so in the event of a disaster (fire, flood or earthquake), you can copy all of the data to a new computer and continue trading.
5. Individual files that have been overwritten by accident can be restored (so if you’ve made a mistake and lost the original we can restore older files – up to two weeks of copies)
6. Best of all, the EMiR team monitor and manage the service for you! So we check your backup reports and will notify you of any issues and ensure your backups are running correctly.

All of this functionality must be expensive?

The opposite is true!   The cost of losing any data is priceless, it cannot be replaced – no matter how important it is!  EMiR Remote Backup is usually £650 for the 1st 10GB (£433 for each  additional 10GB), but if you sign up for a 30-day free trial within the next 7 days, then you can have peace of mind at an even cheaper rate!

*Special Offer:   Sign up for your FREE No-Obligation 30-day trial and realise the benefits of EMiR Remote Backup.  If you like what you see, you receive your first 10GB for just £550 per annum, a saving of £100 per year.  That equates to just £1.50 a day! You’d be silly not to!

Call 0845 009 4588 or email info@solutionsinit.com for your FREE 30-day trial!!

*Free trial must be ordered by April 10th at 5pm to take advantage of this reduced price offer, so please act fast!

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