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Brownings Electric

Brownings Electric, based in Watford and Barking, have over 100 years of experience in the electro-mechanical industry. They use EMiR across two branches and have 17 user licenses for EMiR Standard.

About Brownings Electric

Brownings Electric are the oldest electric motor and mechanical engineering specialist in London and the home counties. They provide a full repair service to all areas of industry, all supported by highly-trained engineers.

Brownings have been a customer of EMiR for over 20 years, and, as a result, have a lot of data stored on the system. EMiR is able to hold every detail of a job, purchase, quote or financial interaction that Brownings makes. This allows their decisions to move their company forward to be based on real data, not gut feeling. The EMiR Archive Utility is designed to separate historic transactions from live processing. This creates a method of managing, accessing and reporting on information in an instant, whilst the live EMiR continues to preserve an effective and live environment for your daily processing. 

Modules and Extensions Purchased

What Brownings Electric Have to Say About EMiR

“Our EMiR data is so precious to us, our customers know that we can give them a complete breakdown of history for any location or equipment when they need it.  We’ve actually used EMiR for over twenty years and our whole trading life is stored in its files.  With 2 years of live trading at hand and the remaining data in the EMiR Archive Utility, this has greatly improved the EMiR live system access times, a point our employees greatly appreciate.”

Barry Barber, Brownings Electric

The Archive Utility is available to all EMiR Standard and Professional users and only requires a few hours to install and commission.  With minimal change to your working environment you will benefit from faster data retrieval including instant enquiries, timely reports and faster access to the things that are important to them.

We thank Barry and all the staff at Brownings Electric for taking part in this case study and wish them well with their EMiR Standard system.

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