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Central Group

Central Group, based in Merseyside, was founded in 1972. They are a member of the AEMT and provide motor and drive sales, service and repairs. Since purchasing EMiR Professional in 2004, Central have grown and helped to drive development of EMiR and now have 20 licenses.

About Central Group

Central Group are a well-established partner in the ABB Motor Service Partnership and the ABB Drives Alliance. In fact, they recorded the highest sales of any ABB Motor Partner back in 2005. In addition to their sales and repair services, Central have expanded into other areas including project management and their Motor Management Scheme. 

“We have had quite a hard time with our IT, and despite our best efforts and considerable expense with our previous system, we hadn’t managed to get a solution that we were happy with. We were delighted when we discovered EMiR and could see that it was designed for our type of business, and that made it an easy decision to purchase EMiR. Not only have we saved considerable expense on the cost of our old system, but we have also been able to customise EMiR in a short time-frame to allow us to take our IT forward in line with our business goals in providing the best customer service we can.”

Shaun Sutton, Sales and Marketing Director

It was clear that EMiR met 90% of Central Group’s requirements immediately, without the need for customisation. This was a big improvement on their existing system which struggled to develop with them to meet their needs. Now, Central Group continue to help us push EMiR Professional forward and benefit from the sharing of new functionality across the EMiR Professional user base.

Modules and Extensions Purchased


What Central Group Have to Say About EMiR

“We are very comfortable with the knowledge the EMiR Professional will continue to develop in line with our needs, and that we can benefit from the best practice that is shared and promoted by using EMiR. We look forward to working with EMiR, and the guys at Solutions in I.T. and FHG, for many years to come.” 

Carl Murphy, General Manager

We thank Shaun, Carl and all the staff at Central Group for being part of this case study and hope they continue to prosper and grow along with their EMiR Professional system.

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