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David Moore, GES Group

"Having navigated many of the recent challenges created by Covid and Brexit, we are pleased that trading results remain positive, post pandemic, having also adapted to the post EU trading procedures. Considering the scale of those challenges, not only have we remained resilient in such times but made the most of the opportunities to adjust and realign our business for a companywide software transformation. 2023 will place growth and development at the forefront of our future vision. The organisation is passionate and have set a clear objective to catalyse innovation in the supply of low carbon solutions, reducing costs and bringing new solutions to the market. Hence, we have specifically researched and selected a software platform of choice. This new software innovation ensures unlimited capacity in the number of users, additional features that compliment structuring our departments and subsequent reporting with multi-location capability built-in. Enduring security and compliance, with full visibility of every (and any) device across our organisation, will enhance our integrity initiative. There is no question that EMiR Professional will progress our vision and provide a platform for compliance and governance. This advance will drive our continuation for the development of industry leading clean technologies, for future economical and sustainable success. Although we are only entering the migration and transformational process at present, we have fully embraced what will have a truly significant impact on our organisational performance, both now and for the future." David Moore, Chief Executive, GES Group

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