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Elevated Engineering Services, John Mellors

“In 2018 we decided to go onto the Cloud. We have a few bosses around the company that need to access EMiR and we were finding it more and more difficult to do that from home etc. So, we took the decision to go onto EMiR-Cloud so we could all have the same access be it at home or in the office. I think the main benefit is that you don’t have to backup all your systems, it’s all done for you! You’re not worried about any unforeseen bad accidents like fires or whatever, and also you can access the data from at home, or a hotel or anywhere else. We can all have immediate access to see exactly what’s going on with the company at any time. If you’re thinking about joining EMiR-Cloud, I say do it. It’s far cheaper than looking at servers, and it’s far safer in my opinion. The speed is phenomenal to say you’re going off your own system. We don’t have any problems. So, if you’re going to think about doing it, I’d really do it.”

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