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GEM Integrated Solutions, Mike Swan

“We’ve been using EMiR for about 10 years now and we’ve sort of upgraded over the years, so we have Maintenance as part of our system now and it’s proved very successful. In terms of processing work through our factory, EMiR is superb really. From what we used to have to where we are now in terms of booking stuff in, booking it out, logging stock, invoicing…the whole process has been sped up and it all ties together really well. Solutions in I.T. are great. We’ve had one or two glitches along the way, but we’re able to communicate with Mike and his team ether via email or over the phone and they generally sort our problems out straight away, which is what we’re looking for. As a package, EMIR’s been superb really for what we want. I would absolutely recommend EMiR. I think for our industry, it’s perfect, it’s got everything you need. Some of the search features are very good, very easy to use. The best thing about EMiR is the traceability and, I think, the search functions.”

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