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Hidrostal Ltd., Annette Boulter

"We’ve been dealing with EMiR since 2014 now. We had a bespoke system before and we didn’t really want to go to a new one because of the upheaval that it would cause, but our partner company WGM had EMiR and we saw it in their company and then we thought, well actually, this is the sort of thing that we’re after and it’s absolutely fantastic. We were attracted to EMiR based on a recommendation, and it was also the fact that we didn’t have to change what we did in order to fit it. Plus, it was bringing best practice from all the other companies within the industry. It’s completely helping our business to grow because we’re now in the situation where we’re more efficient, we can now actually start using real data. We’ve got information coming out of the system that we can use to make real changes, in real time.”

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