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This section contains answers to some of the most common questions asked about EMiR and our range of services.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q01. Do you really only write software for Electro-Mechanical Repair, Sales & Service Companies?
A01. Yes we do! We believe that by specialising in Electro-Mechanical repair, sales and servicing software, we have developed the best product possible for our target market and simply provide a much better solution than any of the competition. We understand this market and we understand the business of sales, servicing and repair better than any other I.T. company!
Our solutions are 90% business practice and 10% financial, unlike most of the competition that start with finance and then build in business practice. Is your business 90% finance or 90% about repair, sales and servicing? We think our software echoes the priorities of our customers, not just of their accountants! Though our finance system is pretty special!
Q02. How do I know that EMiR will suit my business?
A02. Because EMiR has been developed for nearly 24 years with only Electro-Mechanical repair, sales and service companies in mind, you can be sure that they include ‘Best Practice’ techniques and will provide all the core functionality you need to run your business. Why not take a look at what our customers think of our products and service via our Testimonial section?
Q03. Is EMiR an 'off the shelf' package?
A03. EMiR is increasingly taken as a standard solution directly 'off the shelf', but as we write and produce the software, we can customise EMiR to meet your needs exactly. This may mean a simple modification to your EMiR system so that it prints onto your pre-printed stationery, or may mean developing a major piece of functionality to control a unique aspect of your business, or provide you with special reporting for a particularly demanding client!
Q04. How much will the solution cost?
A04. The cost of the EMiR Standard or Professional solutions is dependent on the number of users and ‘Modules’ and ‘Extensions’ purchased. Currently prices start from £995 for a single user system. This price includes 1 day of on-site Training for you and 60 days of Technical and Helpdesk support, but special offers may apply from time to time.
Q05. Can payments be spread at no extra charge?
A05. Yes, payments are spread as standard to allow you to purchase the [Standard and Professional] software over 3 instalments, completely interest free. The payment terms are 40% with order, 40% on installation [with training], and the remaining 20% after 30 days approval.
Q06. Why is there no Evaluation software available?
A06. There are several reasons why we don't provide our products as Evaluation or downloadable versions:
a) We have provided evaluation copies in the past and have found that very busy business people [like you!] simply don't have any/sufficient time to look at the software in detail and if they do, they do not necessarily appreciate or discover all that the system has to offer.
b) We prefer to meet our customers and develop a business relationship, as we are solution providers. We are not just trying to sell software. We want to provide all aspects of the IT solution that you need to produce the best business management system for you. This could involve selling you software from other vendors, advising and providing hardware and networking, and most importantly discussing YOUR business practice and ensuring that the installed system will suit your needs.
c) We have spent nearly 24 years perfecting the software and its functionality, and we'd rather it didn't fall straight into our competitor's hands!

Q07. How can I see the software to be sure it is what I need?
A07. We offer the options of a FREE, no obligation, demonstration of our Standard or Professional software at your premises or we can provide an online demonstration for you at the comfort of your own PC!  Live demonstrations will give you the chance to see the product in action, look at all its features that interest you, and ask any questions you would like to regarding the software, our organisation, and any other issues you may have.
We are frequently demonstrating the software all over the UK, so there will be someone in your area typically on a monthly basis. Simply call us on 0845 009 4588 and we'll arrange a mutually convenient appointment. All we ask is that you have a budget of at least £950 and sufficient dedicated time [about 2 hours] to devote to reviewing the software properly and to discuss the required solution in some detail.

Q08. What are the hardware requirements to run EMiR?

The Network
EMiR is designed to run on Windows based, PC-Networks. It will not currently run on Unix, Mac O/s or Linux.  Windows Servers are recommended for 3 users and above.


EMiR will run happily on WAN implementations in conjunction with Citrix, Terminal Services, and other terminal emulation products – must be used in a “thin client” environment when not running directly on a LAN. “RDP” or “Terminal services” are the most commonly used and recommended method of access from remote sites/locations.


High speed Broadband access is required for clients wishing to utilise an EMiR-Cloud version of the installation [we recommend at least 100k per user].

In terms of Server products, for your installation, we recommend Windows Server 2016 or 2019, with at least two ‘Dual Core’ processors and at least 32GB of RAM and 200GB free disk space. We also strongly recommend the use of a dedicated backup software and storage, and can provide online backup facilities for you, at an additional cost, if required. For any of our Web-based ‘Extensions’, you will need a windows server running Microsoft’s IIS web-server with a reliable broadband connection.


If you are using EMiR via a separate site via RDP [or similar], then each user will also require access to Microsoft Office via the server, so they can Email directly from EMiR and have a complete working environment via remote access. The server needs to have excellent broadband access [up & down] to allow remote users to use EMiR proficiently.


PC Workstations
The machines need to be running Windows 8, 10 or 11 software and have at least 16GB of RAM and 100GB of free disk space. The Processor should be at least an Intel i5 dual core processor or better. They must have a 1GB network LAN port, to be used over a 1GB wired connection. We do not recommend or support using EMiR over a wireless network.

We can provide the perfect environment for EMiR use with our EMiR-Cloud technology. This features a dynamically resourced Windows Server 2019 farm, with redundancy, replication, and offline backup along with Microsoft Office, ESET digital security and Terminal Services licence for each user. A separate quotation can be given for EMiR Cloud, if required.
Q09. How can I order the Software?
A09. The normal method for ordering comes via the following process:
a) Browse our website and product brochures.
b) Arrange an on-line or ‘in person’ demonstration [at your premises].
c) A quote will then be provided for the total implemented solution, including Training and Support and any hardware or other services required.
d) After your order acceptance, installation and training will take place, ensuring you can use the system as soon as the training is complete. Payment terms apply as per Q05 above.
Q10.What if I need more than just software?
A10. We can provide an extensive range of services for our EMiR customers, from DELL server and PC procurement and installation, through to Networking, Remote Backup facilities and hosted Servers [so you don’t have to buy one]!
If you need an IT service, then we can provide it, but note that we do not provide these services to companies who are not using our EMiR software – we provide such dedicated service only to our EMiR software customers and not the general business community.

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