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20 Years of EMiR Software

01/09/14 September 2014 - 20 Years of EMiR Development

September 2014 sees another milestone for Solutions In I.T. - 20 years of EMiR development.  As many of you will attest, much has changed over the years as our customer requests have helped to mould EMiR, making it the Number 1 choice for the electro-mechanical industry.

In 2014, we can boast over 2,000 users around the World using 3 versions of EMiR: EASY, Standard and Professional.  The latter products are equipped with 6 fully featured core EMiR Modules along with 8 Extensions which now meet the diversities of Service & Repair, Sales & Distribution, Manufacturing Assembly and Hire.   In recent months, we’ve also added a Cloud version of EMiR to meet the demand for secure, hosted business software including Email and Microsoft Office without the need for any on-site server hardware.

Gary Downes, the Managing Director of Solutions In I.T. adds, “As a business, we continue to strive to improve EMiR on a daily basis.  We have a loyal customer base that motivates the team to develop EMiR to satisfy the growing and ever-changing needs of the market.  Over the next few years, you can expect to see even more new Modules and Extensions to further enhance the core EMiR software such that our customers can continue to benefit on a daily basis - knowing that our EMiR solution will work for their businesses, no matter how diverse their business offerings are or become.”

We also continue to sell internationally through our association with EASA and Gary’s time on the AEMT council.  Our considerable business growth has been aided by considerable recruitment of new staff in the areas of sales & marketing, technical support and, of course, software development.

We’d like to thank you, our customers for our continued success and considerable growth.  As our recent EMiR Open Day has taught us, our customers run complex and unique service businesses and EMiR will need to continue to develop to meet those ever changing needs.

To celebrate 20 years of EMiR software, we will be promoting some very special EMiR offers, so you too can become part of the EMiR family, or continue to benefit from being an EMiR user. So please keep an eye out for our promotions and make sure you don’t miss out!

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