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AEMT new President

28.07.2021 EMiR Software Customer announced as the new President for AEMT

EMiR Software Customer announced as the new President for AEMT.

EMiR Software are happy to report that Shaun Sutton, Managing Director for Central Group has been announced as the new President for AEMT, a post previously held by EMiR Software Managing Director Gary Downes.  Central Group are a long-standing customer of EMiR software and are a market leader in rotating machinery and associated control equipment.

Commenting on his appointment, Shaun Sutton said: “I feel honoured to be representing all the AEMT members. I truly believe that it is our responsibility to represent every single person in the association. That includes the members and their employees.

(Left image, Inauguration at the AEMT AGM 24th June 2021.)  (Right image, Shaun Sutton and Gary Downes on the Q&A Panel Discussion at the last AEMT conference in 2019.)

“The AEMT was founded during a difficult time, just after the war in 1945. There was a shortage of everything, resources, people and skilled labour which forced people to put aside their differences and work together as a community for the greater good.

“In the last 18 months we’ve seen a very similar situation. In particular the huge burden faced by the health service to keep the workforce healthy. I feel that AEMT members have been critical in supporting industry in a similar way. Without us, factories wouldn’t be working, our taps would be dry, and power would be diminished. 

“During my tenure, I’d like to look back at the genesis of the AEMT in 1945, why it was founded and how can we emulate that? By doing this we can benefit from an improvement in how we work together collaboratively, share best practise, and break down barriers. I certainly feel we work better together.” 

Shaun also thanked Gary for his help and guidance highlighting that his ongoing support enabled him to accept the position of President.  

EMiR Software is proud of its long-standing relationship with the AEMT and continues to support the growth of the organisation working on council and providing sponsorship of the AEMT Golf days and Awards Evening.

Working within the AEMT offers a wealth of insight that is ultimately reflected in the direction of EMiR software development and the EMiR team would strongly recommend other businesses being represented on council and taking an active role in driving your association forward.

AEMT is an International Association representing companies in the electrical and mechanical service and repair industry.  If you would like to know more about how they can support your business, please visit their web site – theaemt.com

EMiR is a complete business software package designed specifically for electrical and mechanical engineering companies and is a favourite solution amongst AEMT members.  

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