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AEMT Meetings Update

16/05/13. Gary Downes has recently attended two 'new style' AEMT meetings in Glasgow and Oxford.

The Glasgow meeting was held at The Westerwood Hotel, Cumbernauld on the 17th April and despite torrential rain, which made travelling difficult, was well attended by both Scottish and English members of the AEMT.

The meeting was chaired by Gary [as a member of council] and the presentations on the day were very well received:

  • Eriks Zvaigzne, the AEMT ‘Technical Specialist’, providing an “AEMT Technical Update for EU Energy Efficiency Programs”; 
  • Len Jones, from Parson Peebles, presented on how Parsons Peebles have changed ownership and “have a Bright Future” and
  • Paul Doherty, from Purenet, provided an interesting look at the growth of electronic marketing practices with “The Changing Face of Digital Marketing:”

For those AEMT members that missed the meeting, the presentations can be found in the 'members area' of the excellent AEMT website.


The meeting at Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel on the 15th May was equally well received.

In particular, presentations from Roland McKinney on "Optimising Pump Systems for Reliability and Efficiency" and Paul Doherty on Digital Marketing [as per Glasgow] were of great interest to the attendees.

I would urge any members that didn't attend and are repairing or servicing pumps as part of their operation, to get hold of Roland's presentation, because it provided a fantastic framework for tackling pump management.

If you can get hold of him also(!), it would be worth asking Roland to visit you and train your staff in his methods, because it will certainly lead to a better, more profitable, approach for both you and your customers.

Some of the main points that Roland's presentation revealed were:

  • The average pump installation is only 40% efficient!

  • Energy efficiency is the root cause of all pump failures!

  • A combination of Vibration Analysis, Electrical Testing and Energy Monitoring will protect the installation against 90% of the typical failure reasons!

  • Vibration analysis alone can protect against 50-70% of common Pump problems and 55-65% of all Motor faults!

  • Every 10 degrees above the optimal Pump operating temperature, reduces the life of a pump by 50%!

  • Every 15 degrees above the optimal lubrication temperature reduces the life of the pump by 50%!

  • And much, much, more...

You can get hold of the presentations via the 'members' area of the AEMT website as above.

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