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Central Group - Time & Attendance

24/10/16 Central Group using barcodes and EMiR to create a live workshop environment

The Central Group continue to achieve greater efficiency by driving change through the organisation.  By adopting new technology and further adjustments to their process control, engineers have successfully created an environment on which reporting and decisions can be made instantly from live information.

In this update to their existing EMiR system, the Time and Attendance Extension has been configured to record both employee attendance (clocking station) and the beginning and end of each particular milestone of the work (time station).  Using barcodes to identify the job, the engineer and operation being undertaken, time is recorded and fed live into the EMiR Basic system avoiding the delays associated with paper based timesheets and their entry into a separate job spreadsheet and payroll system.

The system is quick and simple and with only 3 scans at most needed to record any activity, each department has found the system easy to adopt.  Time & attendance takes care of shift pattern complexities, regular breaks, lunch periods and bank holidays and it automatically registers whether an employee is working at time, time and half or double time, etc.

“By using a software package that is written for the industry, our company has been able to utilise years of development that in the main fits quickly and harmoniously with the way we work.  We instantly see the benefits of having live information so that we can plan and analyse how work progresses through our business."
Liam Brown, Central Group  

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