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17/01/18 The inaugural meeting of the EMiR Development Focus Group

Wednesday 24th of January sees the inaugural meeting of the EMiR Development Focus Group being held at the Innovation Centre in Market Harborough.   A collaborative team of 12 companies will spend the day at the centre deciding on the future of the business solution they all use.
EMiR, short for Electro-Mechanical Information Resource is a business management software package that is specifically designed for companies that sell, service, repair and manufacture all manner of rotating equipment including electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, generators and their control systems.

First released in 1994, EMiR is sold around the world and has become the industry standard application that, so many companies have come to rely on, due to the direct access customers have with the development department and the specific needs of the industry which EMiR caters for. 
“This is why it’s important to stay in touch with those customers who constantly strive to be the best in their sector, as their requirements change, so the functionality in the software needs to follow.”  EMiR Software’s Head developer Mike Woodward.

In the last three years alone, EMiR software has released 5 multi-functional Extensions to the core system, two utilising mobile architecture (Apple iOS and Android), two products aimed at integration and reporting and a sales and marketing solution, all of which, are integrated with the core EMiR package creating a complete solution for the client.  Each new product, bespoke modification or report amendment is a potential benefit to existing clients and these need to be explained, demonstrated and installed, this day will offer that awareness also.  EMiR Professional, now has 18 Modules & Extensions and over 3,000 switchable modifications available to the customer base.

“We need to keep abreast of change and the forum will allow like-minded individuals to discuss the direction of the product and influence the priority of development.  Our aim is to continue to develop solutions that closely reflect the needs of the users.”  Gary Downes, Director of EMiR Software. 
He also explains the benefits to new users of the product.  A new user instantly benefits from over 20 years of experience in the industry, which means that EMiR is up and running far quicker than any other software package.

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