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eMiR-Learning Coming Soon...

14.01.2021 eMiR-Learning is launching in February 2021...


eMiR-Learning, our brand-new e-learning system, lands in February. Take advantage of our launch pricing and get the most out of your EMiR system! We’ve been working behind the scenes on our e-learning system for the past year, from choosing the right platform to creating and editing the content for the courses. Now, all our efforts have culminated in our newest product; eMiR-Learning!

Last year, we asked you how you teach new starters to use EMiR. Most new employees learn from existing users. The downfall to this is that some training from the existing user may have been forgotten, or they may not know fully about the exact functionality the new user requires for their role. Thus, the new user may not be getting the most out of the EMiR system and be unaware of how they can use it to best perform their job.

To solve this, we have created eMiR-Learning, an e-learning system intended to supplement the in-depth EMiR Training provided by an instructor. It is designed to help train new starters and introduce them to the key functionality in EMiR with overviews of each of our EMiR Modules. Though this is ideal for new starters, it is also perfect as a refresher for existing EMiR users to build up their EMiR knowledge – they’re sure to learn a thing or two!

The courses are comprised of screen captured videos created by Gary as he walks you through an overview of the EMiR functionality. At the end of each course is an exam to test your knowledge of the course content, and successful candidates will be awarded with a certificate and maybe an extra surprise at our next EMiR Open Day!

Each course is between 45 and 90 minutes in length and can be completed at the user's own pace, giving you flexibility to control your own learning.

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