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EMiR Open Day July 2014

28/05/14 Have your say at the EMiR Open Day on the 8th July 2014 at the Harborough Innovation Centre

What’s it all about?
The EMiR Open Day is an opportunity for you to meet the team behind the software including developers, training, support and sales people, see a roadmap of development for the application and discover why it’s being developed and importantly, be part of the next step.

What is the format of the day?

The day begins at 9.30am, with a meet and greet with coffee.  At 10am Gary Downes will begin to take you through the many features and maintenance modifications that have been added to EMiR.  This is a perfect opportunity for delegates to develop their knowledge of the application and explore how the latest innovation can be used to improve business.

Later that morning, we turn our attentions to the use of Extensions and how they can be used to compliment the use of EMiR within the organisation.  These demonstrations will continue into the afternoon, after a complimentary lunch and will include:

EMiR T&A  – which allows you to capture the entry and exit times of your staff along with the actual ‘live-time’ recording onto jobs within your workshop.

EMiR Smart Site – giving you the ability to capture all the job related activity from your site engineers while they are off your premises.

EMiR CRM – short for Customer Relationship Management, is designed to give you a total picture of all activity related to improving your customer service, sales and marketing efforts.

EMiR Labour Scheduling – enhancing the functionality around planning staff and necessary resources to complete the jobs at hand.

EMiR Job Tracker – a customer portal with up-to-date information about how their jobs and orders are progressing.

Mid afternoon, we open the floor to discussing the future of the EMiR application and this is where your input is vital.  We’ll be adding your thoughts and ideas to the development roadmap.

What’s in it for me?

The day is open to existing customers of EMiR and those wishing to know more about the benefits of industry specific ERP.  Whether you are a user of the product, a manager of the business looking for efficiencies or simply wanting to know more, this day is for you.

Great News!!
  On the day, we will be presenting you with a selection of special offer vouchers to allow you to truly benefit from the day – these special offers are only available to those that attend on the day, so please don’t miss out!.

What should I do now?

As we are looking for feed-back, the number of delegates on the day will be restricted to 20.  This will ensure we cover all of the topics on offer and encourage an open atmosphere for discussion. 
To reserve a place at the EMiR Open Day, call 0845 009 4588 or email, info@solutionsinit.com

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