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EMiR Professional 2019 Moves to New Development Language

03.06.20 Find out what's happened with EMiR since the Open Day!

EMiR has been in continual development since its inception in 1994. In fact, the EmirPro.exe currently contains 698,085 lines of code and 1,757 files and forms. Including the DLL’s, EMiR contains about 4,500 files and forms and when all of this is put together, this equates to around 1.8 million lines of code! For comparison, that’s about the same as the control systems for an F-22 fighter jet, and not much less than the entirety of Windows 3.1.

At the customer Open Day in September, the announcement that three major upgrades were being actioned alongside the existing process improvements was well received by our partners.

In summary we announced:

1. Porting EMiR to a new development language 

2. Upgrading the database engine

3. The creation of a new product EMiR Enterprise

Stage 1 is now complete: EMiR has moved to a newer version of Delphi and has received a welcome response from the first two installation sites: Hidrostal and Mawdsley’s BER. This will now be rolling out to each of customers in turn from June.

Why did we make this move and what are the benefits?

The benefits of porting to a new language for the end user include:

1. Better printer handling

2. Better availability of 3rd party components

3. No major upgrade needed, still compatible with existing EMiR products.


The benefits of porting for the EMiR team:

1. We can move toward a totally 64-bit development environment.

2. Better availability of 3rd party components to enable more flexible development.

3.  Good availability of community support.

4. Better connectivity for DB’s e.g. SQL Server.

5. Better platform for moving forward again.


If you would like more information about your upcoming upgrade email info@solutionsinit.com.

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