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Gaining the Competitive Advantage

20/05/14 EMiR explores why so many users opt for the Asset Management Module

Are you proactive in your approach to customer satisfaction or do you wait for complete system failure before reacting to your clients needs?

Many businesses in this sector do wait for the work to come to them.  Being niche market specialists, customers with plant issues will often track down the local repair centre through the internet as a problem occurs.
The challenges faced by the reactive repair centre are obvious.  With little in the way of competitor differentiation and committed work on their books, the business is at risk of losing their existing base of clients and poor cash-flow caused by the peaks and troughs of demands.  Let’s face it, equipment failures are like London busses, they all come at once.

So, why don’t more small and medium companies in this sector take the steps to educate their clients to the benefits of proactive maintenance?

Some would say they don’t have the time or the people or the systems in place to manage a change in their approach to working with the client.   The current demands and workloads on their business dictate what has to be done and when.  Other owners may have a Fear of upsetting the apple cart.  With long standing customer relationships at stake, no committed business owner would want to promote something that might give the impression of impending cultural change or price increases.

EMiR, short for Electro-Mechanical Information Resource is a software package that continues to be the market leading business solution for this industry.  Click the link below and take a look at how EMiR deals with proactive management head on.

These companies already feel the benefit of the EMiR Asset Management module, clearly defining their proactive approach to pump and motor servicing, Deebridge, WGM Engineering, Knowlton & Newman, Torishima, Rapid Solutions and ADC Electrical.

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