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Introducing eMiR-Learning

In 2021 we'll be bringing you online courses to support your EMiR Training! Find out more here...

Last month we asked you: when you get a new team member, how do they learn how to use EMiR?

Thank you to those of you who completed our customer research survey. Almost all of you said that new team members are shown how to use EMiR by another EMiR User, or were left to figure it out by themselves! So, we’ve come up with an idea to provide a series of online learning courses to help train new and existing employees alike! 

eMiR-Learning will allow you to learn about EMiR from scratch, refresh your memory on certain functionality or explore features in EMiR that you didn’t know about! All of this will help you to get the most out of your EMiR system. Each short course is designed to cover part of the basic functionality in every EMiR system, and includes video walkthroughs of the system as well as quizzes to check your knowledge! 

We’re currently in the process of creating the courses and hope to have eMiR-Learning live in early 2021! If you would like to offer your input, test out the courses before they’re launched, or request a course for a certain aspect of EMiR, then please get in touch by emailing info@solutionsinit.com. 

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