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Introducing the Triangle of Service

12.01.23 - How do you go beyond repair to true service?


How do you go beyond repair to true service?

Like you, we have been working within the repair management industry for some time. In nearly thirty years we have learnt a thing ior two about the importance of delivering exceptional service within this demanding sector.

To this end we have produced a guide, called the Triangle of Service. Here we attempt to ffer you guidance and insight intyo how we have created tools and solutions to help businesses like yours go above and beyond repair to delivering off the scale service to customers.


In this short video we introduce the concept of the Triangle of Service, to assist you in your journey towards improved service.




To download the guide simply click on the image below. You will find


  • The three main aspects of repair management, the asset, the delivery method and collecting repair data.

  • The importance of a detailed and up-to-date asset register to ensure standards can be measured and achieved.

  • The process of scheduling labour and resources to ensure the most efficient and timely outcome.

  • The industry's drive to automate documentation and promote paperless smartphone communication.



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