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Mawsdley BER: An Interview with Paul Pearce

In the South West, few companies can boast the expertise of Mawdsley BER Limited. We interviewed Paul Pearce to find out more about the company.


Tell us about Mawdsley BER?

The company was originally called Bristol Electrical Repairs in 1959 until the Mawdsley’s acquired the business in 1999, so it has a long-standing history in the area.  As a business, our core work is the design, manufacture and repair of rotating electrical equipment, including AC and DC motors.  Our workshops carry out motor rewind and repair work and we have a fleet of engineers for on-site work. The important thing for us is the quality of service we provide, ensuring we have outstanding technical knowledge, so that we can repair all manner of rotating equipment.

Outstanding service

What does outstanding service mean to you?
First of all, you have to have the technical ability and facilities to do the work.  These two elements create a platform on which the delivery of the final product can take place.  By investing time and effort in the correct systems and processes we can eliminate the majority of incidents that cause delay, but the overriding thing is every member of staff understands the need to change and evolve.  This breeds a culture of high standards, identifying where things could be improved and committing to positive change is the key to success.

How does this impact the relationship with the customer?
Customers have basic needs.  They want the job doing properly and on time.  They want you as a company to be honest, know what you are talking about and come back to them with answers promptly and never leave them waiting.   These answers come from having systems that are intuitive and reliable.   The answers are all held in our business system, live information that is constantly updated.  We can make accurate decisions in real time, we don’t lose time having to phone the client back and importantly, the customer is not left waiting for information.

Technical knowledge

What is the current technical capability at Bristol?
In the main, the experience of our workforce counts, needless to say Mawdsley’s have held onto fully qualified engineers for many years.  These people are the life-blood of our organisation and ensuring that they are kept up-to-date with the latest practices and equipment is our stating point.  Alongside them, we have a culture of apprenticeship training and internal promotion. All of our year 2 and 4 apprentices are sent to Loughborough College to attain NVQ and BTEC qualifications, whilst maintaining a practical and useful commitment to on-the-job training.  This industry, like many others, is constantly changing.  As a business, supplying innovative solutions that are more economical and easy to maintain is really important.  Our philosophy relies on Mawdsley BER striving to be the best or clients will simply seek alternative arrangements and we don’t let that happen! 

How do you discover cutting-edge technology?
There is a time when you have to stop, lift up your head and look around.   Taking time away from the coal face to re-assess the way you currently do things is important.   There are a growing number of trade shows in the UK catering for the industry and we are proud members of the AEMT (Association of Electrical Mechanical Trades), an organisation which, for over 75 years has promoted best-practice and innovation.  (www.aemt.co.uk)

Repair expertise

Tell us about the skill-set at Mawdsley’s, what would you say are your specialist areas?
We are authorised dealers of ABB and Brook Crompton motors, we service and repair all manner of rotating equipment, motors, generators and pumps including wound stator packs, barred rotor assemblies, armatures and all types of coils.  Thanks to the fact we can make these in-house, helps us to keep lead times down to a minimum, something highly appreciated by our customers. We carry stock from many different manufacturers, and can source most types of motors and drives.

…and the controls?
The control systems of these items are just as important.  Customers demand efficiency, control over costs and look for ways to save money.  You can’t make recommendations on these terms without supplying the whole solution.  We are able to manufacture or repair control panels and all of the electronics needed, from the smallest motor control panels right through to complex suites of panels incorporating drives, PLCs and associated automation equipment.  As far as customers are concerned, Mawdsley are a one-stop provider which cuts out inevitable delays coordinating multiple suppliers on any project.
We consult and advise on the most appropriate solution ranging from a repair of the existing installation however old, sometimes manufacturing components from scratch which can no longer be purchased, we do all of this in-house or make recommendations on new equipment where the economics of the situation dictate greater savings.
Our EMiR business software offers a full history of the assets the client owns, along with costs from the working life of the unit, it is so easy to make the correct assessment when all of this information is in one place.

The future of the industry and Mawdsley BER

Where do you see all of this taking you?
The focus is very much on our engineers in the workshop and out on the road and ensuring that everyone in the organisation has the information they need, when they need it.  This will mean an emphasis on making the best use of mobile devices and getting rid of paperwork which invariably causes delays.  The first part of this strategy is already in place.*
In truth, we have a bright future.  We have the right people in place and with their skills we attract and maintain business from all sectors of industry.  We’ve always had an open-door policy and invite any business with the challenges of maintaining a variety of electrical assets to get us involved.

“With EMiR in place all of our processes and documentation are taken care of, one less thing I need to think about.  With all of this information to hand I can spend more time on what’s important, the customer.”  

Paul Pearce, Sales Director, Mawdsley BER Ltd

System:  EMiR Standard
Licences:  9 Users
Modules:  Logistics Bundle including Basic, Purchasing, Stock and Quoting.
Extensions:  Smart Site

EMiR Software and the Mobile Workforce
*Mawdsley BER use EMiR Smart Site, an Apple iOS and Android application that delivers job information to the hands of the engineer in real-time, allows the recording of time and materials, the creation of service and health & safety checklists and allows the customer to sign on screen for completed work.

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