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New Customer - Industrial Motor Service

31/07/18 North American EASA member purchases EMiR

The EMiR team would like to welcome Industrial Motor Services of South Carolina as the latest customer of EMiR software.  It is testament to the outstanding work of EASA – the trade association of the Electro-Mechanical Authority that these two companies have come to communicate across the Atlantic and have used this opportunity to trade.

“I have always supported the work of EASA, which is the largest organisation of its kind in the world.  By attending conferences in both the USA and Europe lifelong introductions are made which quite simply would never happen otherwise.  In the UK, we look forward to working with Doug Powell and his team in South Carolina." Gary Downes, Director of EMiR Software

Based in South Carolina and servicing North Georgia, South and North Carolina, IMS services include laminations, servo AC & DC motor repair, core loss testing and dynamic balancing.  Learn more about Industrial Motor Services on their web site from the link below: 

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